Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Layouts and a great deal!

Well, I e-mailed several of my scrappy friends and told you all to come check out my blog...and I am LATE posting! I am so sorry! But here are the new layouts as promised...but first...just wanted to share where I have been today.
As you all know, I have FIVE~~yes FIVE kids starting school this year...which means supplies, shoes, and clothesx5! I got a call from Trudy to come check out some jeans that her neighbor had in a yard sale...they were in great condition. So..I went, and to make a long story short, I got 3 pair for Chance, and 4 pair for almost BRAND NEW condition! Seven pair for $20... I just saw my back to school list lighten! THANK YOU DEBORAH!!!

Now...on to scrappy goodness! I hope that by seeing my creations, I can inspire some of you to start scrapping again!

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Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

Congrats on the great deal, very cool! Love the layouts, they are wonderful. Those black flourishes are great, are those diecuts?