Friday, July 18, 2014

"Lady Liberty" for May Arts

 Hi there, Y'all!  Hope you are all having a wonderful summer.  Me and my kiddos have been super busy!  Of course I am working....but I am also a I get to fit mall trips, movie night,  lake outings, back yard B-B-Qs, picnics, beach trips and much more into my summer!  I would have had these photos loaded much sooner, except my model was gone to church camp!  lol.

I made it to round TWO for the May Arts Ribbonista Search! YAY ME!!!!
 I decided to use the GORGEOUS star ribbon that is in the May Arts store and turn my little munchkin into Lady Liberty for the 4th of July Holiday.  Here she is...with her bow, hand bag and a simple matching tank top:

I used a lot of this SUPER COOL star ribbon to create the American flag look. 

Skye loved her ensemble...and she thought I should show you all how to do the
 super simple handbag that I made.
Yep...That one right there:

For this project, You will need:

Canvas bag (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
Red and white star ribbons from May Arts
Solid blue 1 1/2 inch grosgrain
fabric glue
a lighter to seal your ribbon ends
and scissors

Since your canvas bag may be a different size than mine...
I will not use ribbon honestly not that important in this project anyway.
I got my ribbons ready and started laying them out on the bag to gauge how many stars I would need for the flag. 
 For my bag, I needed 3 rows of 5 and 4 rows of nine, alternating red and white.  I cut them and heat sealed the ends with a lighter.
I did cut 3 lengths of the solid blue grosgrain into 3 inch strips...then heat sealed the ends. 
I then used my fabric glue and glued everything down.

I went through my stash and found a few metal stars to use 
to represent the colonies.  I hot glued those in place and VIOALA!!!
It is not an exact replica, but I think it turned out great! 

Here is Little Lady Liberty, all dressed and ready to Party! 

Hope your Holiday was FANTASTIC!

Wish me and Lady Liberty Luck making the May Arts ribbonista team! 
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

For the LOVE of Ribbon!!!

As you all know, I have an EXTREEEEME Addiction to ribbon. 
I think it would be safe to say that I use ribbon of some sort in virtually every craft project I do.  Yes...I said EVERY single one.   It is in my hair accessories obviously, it makes its way to my altered art, to my home decor projects, and yes, even to my scrpapbook pages.  Ribbon is the absolute most versatile embellishment out there! 
For this reason, I spent 2 years with Bonnie over at Really Reasonable RIbbon on her design team, and I loved EVERY MINUTE of it!  
Here are some of my favorite projects that I created over the years with Bonnie...

These first two are of a couple of my boutique bows and clippies that I love to make.
This is my favorite thing to do with ribbon...HANDS DOWN. 
I love to make the bows and sometimes I even toss in a matching flip flops or a hand bag.  The little girls go WILD over these things when my daughter gives them as birthday gifts!

This next project is a scrapbook layout and a mini album. 
These projects would have to be my next favorite thing to add ribbon to.
Scrapbooking is my passion...with five kids, I have TONS of photos to scrapbook!  
The ribbon is a super easy and handy embellishment to add to any layout to create that "FINAL TOUCH" moment. 

And Here is an altered album from Clear Scraps that I did ...
What goes better with an acrylic album than ribbons and lace??

Up next is the Easter basket that I altered for My daughter...I bought the basket at a thrift store and spray painted it and added some double ruffle ribbons and VIOLA!  
A beautifully crafted UNIQUE basket for my daughter for Easter, and as an added bonus...I made a matching hair bow!

Here is my one of my MOST FAVORITE PROJECTS EVER: 
it is a shabby chic ribbon wreath, 
and it hangs proudly on the outside of my daughter's bedroom door. 
This was so super simple to make... I think I will make another one for my own bedroom door!
((( I think it will say NO KIDS on the sign though!)))

This was such an easy project that the girls could do it themselves. 
Actually, they DID tie on a few of the ribbons themselves!
For this wreath, all you need is
 a wire floral wreath
Lots of ribbon scraps cut in 6-8 inch lengths
I used a huge variety of pinks, browns, creams, and tans in all different sizes and styles possible.
You of course can use any color combinations you want.

Once I had a substantial amount of ribbons pre-cut, it was time to start tying them to the wreath base. 
All I did is double knot the ribbons and go on to the next one...
Keep adding and tying and trimming ribbons, filing up your wire wreath and filling in bare spots.

When you are done you will have a complete wreath made of ribbons!
I did not heat seal the ends, because I wanted the frayed look.
You can seal them, however, if you choose to.  

When I was done, I wanted to add the sign 
"No Boys"
I used a wooden plaque that I have had stashed away for YEARS.
I added some  foam thickers, buttons, a rose and some twine to it to spruce it up a bit. 

Now, it hangs proudly on the door to my daughters' bedroom!

I' sure you are all wondering why I have taken a trip down memory lane and posted these projects.  Well, May Arts is having a call for Ribbonistas, and I think I would be a Great fit so I am trying out.  Wish me luck! 
Have a wonderful Week!  Make it Crafty!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Beautiful Girls

I have been feeling a tad bit "Off Balance" lately, and I decided it was time to get myself back to normal.  I knew exactly how to do that...I needed some scrappy therapy.  I got online and started browsing all of my favorite sites and manufacturers for inspiration...and one of those stops included going to My Creative Scrapbook to see what beautiful kits Pam had put together for this month.   I ended up subscribing (((FINALLY!!!))) after years of drooling over her gorgeous kits!  I never treated myself to anything...well, that changed!  I will get Pam's kits!  lol (YAY ME!)

I got the main kit in the mail and immediately tore into it!  All of the gorgeous things she adds to her kits are simply amazing...and I loved working with that kit!

I  went to My Creative Sketches to see what this moths AMAZING sketch inspiration was...and guess what1!??  I had time to participate!  YAY ME AGAIN! 

SOOOOOO.... I sat down at my desk and went to work.  WOW...I had totally missed my paints and mists and flowers and yes...even stickles!  LOL.  But most of all, I missed working with a kit...I missed making layouts.  I missed putting my photos onto something tangible instead of stuck in my computer. Six months was far longer than I actually realized.  
I was home.  I was in my comfort zone.  I was productive...and this was the result:

The photo is not the best because the weather has not been ideal for photographing layouts, but it'll do for now :)   Thank you Pam and Kris and all of you talented ladies at MCS for the inspiration! 

A much Needed Hiatus

Hello to all my scrappy friends out there!  I sure hope you all are doing fabulously and this post finds you all in good health and happiness!
I know I have been MIA for a while...and thank you to those of you who have checked on me from time to time.  It truly means the world to me to know that I not only have friends and family right here in New Caney, Texas.... but all over the world as well.  You all mean more to me than you know.
A few life altering events has been the reason for my hiatus.  The most prominent, and the most "earth shattering" is my divorce.  Yes...I was married for 20 years, which is more than most people these days can say.  From those 20 years, I have 5 BEAUTIFUL children whom I cherish.  They are my world. Now that the initial impact is over, and the healing stage is well underway, I have regained clarity.  I can only say, If God brings you to it, He WILL bring you through it.
There are a few things that I have learned through this divorce, about love, marriage, and the end of both.
I am not angry, I am not bitter, but I was "Off balance".  It was like I was walking around like those people in the V-8 commercials!  LOL    It affected my entire life, and I didn't realize it. No matter how hard I tried to be strong and not let it get to did.
Lesson #1... Divorce is HARD>>>even if it is the best thing for everyone.
People always say that divorce is hardest on the children.  While that my be true to some extent, I THOROUGHLY believe, that it is only as hard as the parents make it for them.  Parents who argue and bicker in front of the kids...make the kids feel as if they have to choose sides.  Parents who SUCK IT UP and deal with it out of the sight of the kids, tend to have children who heal quicker and their emotions don't go all wacky.  Same goes for arguing in front of or griping to friends, family, or loved ones. Don't make them pick sides.   Divorce should remain between TWO PEOPLE.  It is difficult enough as it is on the 2 parties involved....don't make it difficult on everyone else.
Lesson #2... Marriage is HARDER>>> again it should remain between TWO PEOPLE...not the rest of the world.  My marriage was strong for many years...why> because we did not allow friends and family to interfere.  Nor did we ever ask them to.  When we had problems, we worked them through them...compromised.  It is what you do in a marriage.  When we both started allowing friends and family into our inner circle, that is when the seeds of doubt got planted.  Yes, they grew into trees that we could no longer see around.  Remember as a kid, hugging a huge tree and your friend on the other side, hugging back...if you touched fingertips you were good right?  Well, our fingertips quit touching. Literally.
You have to TOUCH.  if you don't touch, you'll never make it through that dark forest together.
Lesson #3...Love is AMAZING>>>when it is real.  You can love a person with ALL YOUR HEART and give them your whole life, but if they do not love you BACK, then it will never last. If you have to ask your partner to touch you, to kiss you, to pretend that they love you...chances are, that is exactly what they are doing.  PRETENDING.  It was very difficult and took many years for me to realize it, but the love that my marriage was based on was not the EVERLASTING kind.  It was the comfortable, reliable, companionship kind.  Which eventually, was not enough. God gave me the strength to realize it, and....guess what...He gave me the strength to be OK with it.  I WILL LOVE AND BE LOVED.  I will settle for nothing less.
Now, my divorce was not solely because of the lack of love, by no means.  There is a WHOLE LOT MORE that played part in the failing of my marriage. But, I believe that it all was just minor problems created by the larger issues.  If you have love, cherish it.  NURTURE it.  If you love someone, tell them!  Loud and Often.  Let the whole world know...THIS is the one that my heart Loves. Because if you don' will fade.  It will become convenient.  It will become habit.  It will become a thing of the past.

Ok...enough rambling...
I am back.  I am scrapping.  All of my design teams ended in October which allowed for my much needed Hiatus...but now, I am ready to find ME again.  I am ready to start this new chapter of my life.  And any of you who know me, KNOW that scrap booking and crafting WILL BE PART of this new chapter!
It is raining today, but I did a layout with my two beautiful girls....I will get the photo and get that posted soon.  But, the purpose of this post, was not to post a layout yet.  It was to tell you all my situation, explain my absence, and to ask you all for your prayers.  For SUCCESS and HAPPINESS for my family and myself as we embark on this new path that lay in front of us. THANK YOU!