Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bella, Baby!

So, remember back when I said I was chosen to be a Bella Artista? Well...October was my month to be featured. Due to a very heartbreaking event within the Bella family, the Artista Features were put on hold.

This week, as they try to move back into functioning in everyday tasks, the Bella Blog has decided to feature all 3 Artistas TOGETHER! How SUPER COOL is that! You can see me on todays and yesterdays features on the Bella Blog, but here are the first 2 projects that are shown.....I will show the rest as they feature on the blog.

This first one was done with a sketch that The Bella Babes team provided to me. I LOVE LOVE LOVED this sketch the second I saw it. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!...........................

I made a Quilt! Actually, I featured a photo of my Granny making a quilt...and just used my Bella papers to do a "mock" quilt on the layout. I made the patchwork squares to resemble an old style quilt...as she would have done...and I even used ribbon to "hang" it on a "quilt rack"!! This sketch was soooo inspiring! Oh...and those little white flowers....Made 'em! I used the medium and small retro flower punches to aide me in my creative process in designing these little flowers! Watch for a tutorial on them soon!

And for this one...I had to do a layout to show....well...me. I did this one using all of the texting blurbs....and to show how I LOATHE texting! I much prefer the old fashioned way of picking up a stinkin' phone if you need to contact me! Even as much as I hate the phone...I hate texting more! LOL...but I know that I MUST learn...because with as many kids as this chick has....I will be a texting kinda mama before I know it!

Well...thank you all for checking it out today! I will have more to post as they are featured on the Bella Blog! Have a FANTABULOUS Day!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a few layouts.....

I recently participated in an online crop over at Scrap Attack Scrapbooking and create layouts with my own stash...just because I wanted to!!!! Here are 2 of the layouts that I whipped up. For this first one, I used the October BAP sketch from Prima as my base inspiration as well as the title being "Hope" per the challenge specs at SAS. I had so much fun creating this layout. It is Skye whispering into Chance's ear. Little whispers of a 4 year old into her big brother's ear is a treasure...an absolute treasure indeed. Whatever secret they shared that day will forever remain in their hearts...and in my albums. They give me Hope...Hope for a brighter tomorrow.

For this 2nd one..."Magic Feather"...I used sketch #126 from Creative Scrappers, and the specs of the SAS challenge, being "PINK".
I took this shot of skye holding a mere duck feather this past Saturday. I was doing a photo shoot with my niece for her Homecoming...and Skye was feeding the ducks. I captured her holding this feather telling my 4 yr old nephew that it was a "Magic Feather". Of course he believed her!

I fell hopelessly in love with these 2 layouts of my little munchkin. Thank you for stopping by!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Octobe Reveal with Whooligans!

I had a ton of fun working with the Bo Bunny Whooligans collection this last month at Scrapbook Daisies. I am not much of a Halloweeen lover, but this line had super cute colors in it, which made for fun layouts!
I Had to dig deep for some photos, but I found the ones I was looking for! I love this layout that features my 3 oldest kiddos when they were still little! We were at a church festival, and they all three won in thier category in the costume contest. they had ribbons and awards...but all these thre wanted was CANDY!!!

Here is Skye as a fairy princess. The ook on her face just makes me giggle. She obviously di NOTwant me to take her picture. I thought the question "Have YOU seen my Prince" just totally went with this layout.

Ths is Dayne...my sweet, wonderful little boy Dayne...who drove me absloutely BATTY when he was little! The Terrible Twos, Thrilling Threes, and Fearsome Fours were a majur understatement when this little man came along!

The Pumpkins layout below was also donw with bits of this kit...and I have a few more projects in the works! Such a super fun kit to work with!!!!
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Creative Scrappers Sketch #125

Kristine and Creative Scrappers are CELEBRATING!!!! They have given us 125 sketches for our scrapping enjoyment!!!! WOWZERS! That is a LOF of sketches! Congratulations, Kristine!!!!!!!
In honor of that, there is a new sketch up and a super fantastic prize pack up for grabs! Here is the sketch....

What a great sketch it is! I had so much fun creating this layout based on that sketch....I just adore this photo of my boys when they were little. OH...THOSE were the days!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a FANTABULOUS day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Tricks...Just Treats!

Come on over to the Simply Obsessed message board and join us for a SWEET Crop that is sure to cure your cravings! We will have games, challenges, and of course....PRIZES! It is next weekend...the 22nd-24th...so be sure to make it over next weekend! Invite your friends, too!!!! Pre-crops will be up by Wednesday the 20th, so be sure to check in on those!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Designer Hand Bag??

Check out what I did with the Bo Bunny Cambridge collection!!!!

Ok...so maybe not....but it is pretty close I think! Skye and Aubrie both FELL. IN. LOVE. I think I have to make another one so that I can give them both a "Juicy" handbag!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October Reveal....

At Simply Obsessed....

WOW. I mean...WOW! I love this month's kit! The colors are phenomenal! I LOVE the blues in the Bo Bunny, which created my "Born to Ride" layout for this month's title challenge.....

And of course...you GOTTA love the deep hues for September "Back to school" days! The Pink Paisley that is mixed in is gorgeous!!!
Here is my son's favorite saying..."1st, 2nd, 3rd, elementary NERD!" I thought it only fitting to include that as the title of this layout of him in second grade...an elementary NERD! LOL....I used this week's sketch from Creative Scrappers to create this layout....Simply Obsessed is sponsoring the prize this month...Go check it out!!!

And, with the seasons changing and the cooler weather approaching, I was compelled to scrap about the seasons...but did not wan the typical "seasons change" layout. So, I did this layout with my family photo. Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall, A Family is still family...through it all.

And of course, the deep green and the deep red made me LONG for Christmas time, so I decided to use Heather's MAGNIFICENT flower to create my Very First Christmas card for the year! It is simple, because I did not want to detract from the beauty of that flower! Gorgeous isn't it???? It comes in all the kits!!!!

Ok...so, I obviously am in LOVE with this kit, and could whip out a few more layouts with my left overs.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work. Have a Magnificent Day!


So...I am hosting the "Use Your Stash" challenge over at Scrapbook Daisies this month. I decided to make it a bit challenging, but to also ACTUALLY use up some stash! So, I challenge you al to create a layout utilizing 5 different ribbons, 5 pieces of patper, and 5 buttons. How do the name "Take Five" sound to you? Yep...I think you should all "Take Five" and do my challenge! If you do, please load it intho the Scrapbook Daisies Gallery and link it to my thread in teh forum. If you do...you will be entered into the prize drawing for a kit! How super cool is that!!!???

Here is my example of how I "Take Five",....or should I say....how Skye takes five???? LOL

I am off to a Dr/ a. with yet ANOTHER sick kiddo. So...Hope you all have a Fantastic Hump Day!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

OcTObeR 2nD!!!

Today was a great day overall...I took the kids to a "Pumpkin Patch" which actually turned out to be a Gardening Nursery that just had spread their fresh load of pumpkins out all over the front half of the property and decorated a bit. It was ok, though, because I got pictures! Good ones, too!

Here they are, walking towards the entrance...Notice the tails?? They just HAD to wear them today! I bought them as the RenFaire last year, and they wore them for a day and then forgot about them. As 5 year olds typically do, Skye found her lost tail, and decided it was what she had to wear today...and Aubrie agreed. So, together they walked, together they stayed, together they got a LOT of smiles and adoring looks, and an occasional compliment of how cute their tails were. I called them my "Foxy Freaks"!! LOL. They had fun, so that is all that mattered!

Here was the cute display at the entrance. Skye decided she NEEDED a baby punkin...so we got one for her...she chose the speckled one.

And my "13 going on 18" year old...Tamon. He casually sat on the nearest bench and didn't bugde the entire time unless it was to pick on Chance.

And Chance...getting so grown up! He enjoyed looking at all the pumpkins!

Dayne wasn't as enthusiastic, but he did have fun. He is not much on taking pictures, though...he is always difficult to coerce a smile from!

And Skye...always the little "Ham"! She had a ton of fun! Her and Aubrie took full advantage of everything that was being offerd, and they colored pumpkin coloring pages, made a jack-o-lantern bag, and 'attempted' to get their faces painted, but the line was super long and we got tired of waiting. I talked them into letting me paint their faces, and they agreed. SOOOO That is on the agenda for Sunday.

Aubrie is very particular, so she had to inspect the quality of every pumpkin. She would reject it for the slightest dent, ding or mis shapen spot. I finally convinced her that NO pumpkin grows perfect...and that we will have to find one that we will love FOR it's imperfections...just like I love her. She smiled and said..."And I love you for yours!" Yep...she is one of the brighter crayons in the box! LOL

My "Foxy Freaks" checking out all of the pumpkins on display...trying to find just the perfect one!

And here they all are. You notice the boy in the back? That is my nephew. He has come to live with us now...and this was the ONLY photo I could talk him into letting me take with him!

So, when we were done, I ended up only buying one big pumpkin and a baby pumpkin, because, according to Skye, the "Mama Punkin needs a baby!" LOL. So, we got Skye's baby pumpkin to go with the big one and we headed home. Aubrie decided that she wants to decorate the front porch, so I am going to let her! I will take pictures when she is finished. =)

Friday, October 1, 2010

OCTOBER 1st!!!

OMGosh!!! How has the time slipped away so fast!
I have been sick...that's how. And everyone knows that Mom does not get to "Just Be Sick". NO. I had to still do all of the regular motherly duties, and by the time I finished each day, I was exhausted...so I think that may have a little bit to do with WHY I have stayed sick for so long.

Well...I am bound and DETERMINED to get better. I went back to the Dr. got stronger meds, and I will take them ALL this time! LOL.
There has been a lot of happenings...but I will start out with saying...

I will be on the Bella Blvd. Blog sometime this month!!!!! When I am...make sure you come give me a ^5 in bloggerland! I LOVE what I created. Not so much for the techniques or the gorgeousness...but more for the sentimental values. You will see. =)

ALSO>>>>>>>>>>> SD4U CHANGED IT's NAME!!!!

it is now Scrapbook Daisies, and we are having an ONLINE Celebration TOMORROW!~ Yep...You heard me....TOMORROW the 2nd of October!!!! Come join in on the fun, games, hourly door prizes and challenges throughout the day! Invite your friends...it will be a GREAT day to play!!!! Hope to see you there!

I will be back with more updates tomorrow!!!!