Thursday, December 31, 2009

July August and September's favorites...

I am continuing with my countdown of my month by month top favorites. These are not my best work for each month...keep that in mind...these are the ones that are dear to my heart for one reason or personal favorites. I will post another post late tonight before my final favorite for tomorrow...but here goes the next three in the monthly line-up..

Here is July. I think I chose this one for July for 2 reasons...One...the colors just seem to catch my eye...even now...and Two...It was the first time that I think I successfully matched papers to my kid's clothing! LOL...signs of a true scrapper right? I have hidden journaling behind the big circle mat...accessible through the ribbon plking gives the whole story behind the girl and the "Princess Dress"

Here is August...I think I chose this one for the sheer simplicity in it. There is almost nothing to this layout, yet it still calls to me. Maybe the white on white, or maybe the black and white photo...don't know...but I love it anyway.

And September...Skye started school. I think I chose this one not only because I love the simple design...but because it noted her first day of school,, her favorite school outfit, the special bow that I made for her...and because it is so perfect for September. I think I also developed a love for polka dots around this time of the year. I noticed that many of my layouts contained polkas! LOL

This one was pubbed in January Scrap street!!! Go check it out!!!

Thank you for stopping in to see me again! Have a Happy New Year's Eve...and Please Don't Drink and Drive tonight!!!!!! I want you all to come back tomorrow for my final post!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Sorry that I am late with this at home for the holidays make being on time for ANYTHING difficult! I did finally narrow down my # ones for April, May and here they are... (5-6-&7)

April brought on the CK scrapbook Expo to Houston...and I created this layout to enter into one of the contests. I did not win...but came very close! I tried my hand at border punches on this one...which I have since become ADDICTED to. I also used rub ons here...and I found out that I do like them.

May brought on new paper burning...!!??? I had never even imagined that I would burn my paper for my scrapbooks...but I did ...and while I love how it is not a technique that I have maintained as one of my favorites. This layout also is special to me because it is my daughter's song and NAME...a super special little girl!

And now June. I think this layout ranks super high on my all time favorites. Not only did it win in the Scraptathalon challenge that I participated in...but it also won the hearts of many many people. This is my family...all of our hands in a circle...never ending. This is the way that God intended it...and the way that I hope that it will stay. I did circle journaling...which was part of the challenge...and I had never done...I used tons of flowers, stickles, ribbon, and a metal butterfly jewel that had come from a broken necklace. Obviously by now...I have grown a LOT in my scrapping, and in my confidence in my self and my abilities to create a worthy layout.

Thank you all for looking! I will be back again tomorrow with 3 more...THESE will be super hard. It is getting to the end of the year and by now, I am loving more of my layouts than I used to..and I am preparing myself to try out for a Design team for the very first time in my life......stay tuned for tomorrow's reveal!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top Ten in 2009...

I got an idea from my super talented friend Lady Grace that I just HAVE to follow through with. She suggested posting your personal TOP TEN favorites of your own work in 2009...kind of a year in review. I LOVE that idea! I have over 200 layouts this it will NOT be an easy thing to capture in TEN favorites...but I will try.
I will be posting a few a day...ending with the last one on New Years Day...2010. I will be posting the top ten...One from each bare with me...because I have grown TREMENDOUSLY as a scrapper form January until now. Keep in mind these are not my top ten best...they are my top ten favorites MONTH BY MONTH...for 2009.
We are going to start with January, February and March.

Here is JANUARY's layout. After a 2 year hiatus of not scrapping at all...I decided it was time to scrapbook. I dove into and gained tons of inspiration... learned that there were things like bling and flowers out now! WOW!
I set my goal...20 layouts a month for the entire year...and I started. This was done with a map from an inspired by the Jamey Johnson song...You Should Have Seen it in Color.

Here is February...I am not sure that this one was done in February..because in the early part of the year I was not keeping track of my layouts. This one was inspired by a challenge on was a questionaire for each of my kids to answer about their thoughts of me. I LOVED reading the answers...and it is very dear to my heart. Obviously...after the discovery of blossoms and bling...I got hooked!

Here is March...obviously. This is my 2 beautiful daughters smooching at me in the photo. I LOVE this one...because I HATE the color green...but it looks great here for some reason. This is my 3rd month into 2009 and I think you can see that I have already grown a bit in my scrapping. I have used my cricut...infused some embellies...inked... and I even used a paper with a bit of a pattern instead of JUST PLAIN card stock! WOW! these are my #10, 9 and 8 favorites. Tomorrow I will introduce #7,6, and 5...those will be I have to get busy narrowing down my layouts through June!
Please pop in again tomorrow for the next 3! Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to normal...

....or something like that. Joe had to drag himself out of bed to go to work this morning, I had to get up and feed kids, and laundry and dishes are already in their respective washers. The holidays are great, but they tend to create humongous messes that MOM gets to clean up. Oh will go on!

I got tons of pictures over the holidays...and I am ready to get to scrappin'!! With CHA just around the corner...I am super excited to see what will be introdused to our scrappy little world next!! you want to see a sneak of the {SAS}sy January kit? It looks like it will be a fun one!!.... here ya go!

The kit will be available for purchase in mid January, so don't wait too late to get yours!
Oh...and don't forget about the {SAS}sy Black Tie Crop coming up the weekend of January 8th through the 10th!~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


there are only 2 days left for any last minute Christmas shopping...stocking stuffers...or even your holiday meal. For is 2 days until I get to sit for one whole day stress and worry free and spend time with my family. On Christmas is a rule in our house that the internet is off limits. We do not leave our house AT ALL...we stay home and enjoy one another. It is all I ask for on Christmas...and I love every minute of it.

This year...Joe is doing our family dinner. I normally do the whole traditional turkey~stuffing~cranberry sauce dinner...but Joe decided he wanted to change it up a bit. He is doing some sort of stuffed pablano pepper with super thin sliced rib eye steak and 3 different kinds of mouth is already watering!

I have a few photos that I am in LOVE with that I wanted to share from our Family gathering over this last weekend...I can not WIATto scrap these!!!!

Here is my family...all of us smiling...or should I say LAUGHING! I just LOVE that look on Dayne's face! I don't remember what was so funny, but it sure made for a FABULOUS photo! I don't even mind that Chance is looking at me instead of the camera!

And here is Skye and "Fluffy". Lacie gave this stuffed dog to her for Christmas and she wanted a picture with just her and I obliged. I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! I think I will play with it a bit and try to get that old Sears and Roebuck Greeting card feel.

This will be my last post until after Christmas. I really wanted to do more, but time invariably escaped me. Five kids do not make it easy...especially around the holidays! LOL

I do wish you all a very Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas. Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

December {SAS}sy reveal

I had soooo much fun working with the Sassafrass Amplified line and the Crate Paper Cottage Collection this month from Lauri! OMGoodness...the layouts just kept flowing and the bright vivid colors are definitely an eye catcher! The strong angular lines and the "amplified" color patterns on the Sassafrass mad it supeR easy to scrap some BOLD photos that I would normally have not even scrapped. I TRULY love EVERYTHING I DID THIS MONTH WITH MY SUPPLIES....CHECK IT OUT....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

SD4U December Mega Kit Reveal!

OMGoodness! The December Mega Kit at SD4U is PACKED with goodies for your scrapping pleasure! I have had SO MUCH fun playing with it, and the inspiration is overflowing! I still have a lot of materials that I will work on the super cute chipboard album that came in the kit. I started it, but got sidetracked with my 12x2 layouts....LOL. I just kept getting more ideas for this kit!

My Snow Day layout was inspired by an exclusive sketch povided to SD4U by Kristine over at Creative Scrappers....go check her site out!
And "Cuppy Cake" was inspired by the same sketch from pagemaps that I had the pleasure of working with for the December Pagemaps Samples.

Friday, December 11, 2009

{SAS}sy Sneak!

Here is a little sneak peek of the December kit over at Scrap Attack....

Are you drooling? I am! It is featuring the Pink Paisley Mistletoe line! YUM YUM Getcha~Some!!!!!
I was so excited when I got the e-mail from Becky at Pagemaps inviting me to be a contributor for the December sketches! I knew exact;y what I wanted to do the moment she sent over the sketch! I used the Little Yellow Bicycle Christmas line to create this layout, and I am thrilled with the way it turned out! Thank you, Becky, for the opportunity to create for you!

Here is my layout featuring LYB products and my rotten little Skye:

Here is the sketch that she provided for my inspiration: