Friday, February 24, 2012

Simple Book Mark....

Sometimes, we do need to sit back and just SIMPLIFY.
My kids do that a lot.
 They indulge themselves in books for HOURS on end.
With 5 kids reading constantly, there comes a need for bookmarks.
LOTS & LOTS of bookmarks!
When Aubrie came home from school today and says,
"Mom, I need a book mark"...
she knew that I was going to tell her to pick her paper and ribbon and I will make one.
Aubrie chose her Momenta papers and Really Reasonable Ribbons...

She told me, NO flowers and NO Bling!
LOL...she is NOT a girly girl like her Mama! 
So...given the materials and the "Guidelines"
I decided on a super simple design for her bookmark.
Here is what I put together for her:

This is the Front side and the photo below is the back side.
For this super simple book mark, You will use 2 sheets of heavy cardstock 
cut 6x2.
You will then cut your ribbons to your desired length and you will 
hot glue them in BETWEEN the 2 sheets of cardstock. 
Be careful not to layer too much, because it does increase the thickness of the book mark.

You will then hotglue the 2 sheets together and viola! Super Simple Bookmark!
All you have to do is embellish it!

Aubrie loved this book mark, and made a few more for her friends by herself.
This is a super easy craft project to make with kids...especially since spring break is coming soon and they will be home and BORED!
Oh...and don't foret about the long summer ahead!

Believe me when I say that my kids will be making MANY book marks this summer.
We may even donate some to our library
for the youth Summer Reading Program. :)
Thank you for visiting today!
I hope you all get a chance to make some of these bookmarks with your little ones!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ribbon Challenge Time!

Yep, it is that time again!  
Bonnie posted a new challenge over on the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog...
so head on over there and find out all the details!
This one is PINK & BROWN!
Here is my card for this challenge:

I love how the korker ribbon makes the "icing" on the cupcake!

Thanks for stopping by...
have a fantabulous day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tug on my heart strings....

***Scroll down to next post for RRR Blog Hop***
There is probably one thing that I tend to enjoy
almost as much as spending time with my kids...
and that is scrapping those moments that we spend together.
When I scrapbook, I know that I am creating a layout that showcases a particular event or moment in time that will live in my family's hearts forever. 
It is very important to me that I capture the special moments to document,
and equally important to me that they be showcased using the right products.
When I saw this sketch by Melinda Spinks over on the My Little Shoebox blog,
I just HAD to create a layout for it!
It is gorgeous and will showcase a "sweetheart" photo fantastically!!!
My friend Kris Berc sent me a little surprise package 
that had lots of MLS goodies on the inside,
I was ready to start creating with it!

Here is Melinda's sketch...
Isn't it amazing!!!!
Here is the layout that I created using some of my goodies from Kris...
Oh....and the little yellow flowers are from my friend Michelle Unruh!
I LOVE having scrappy friends! 
Y'all are the best!!!

Now...I have noticed myself using a lot of pastel-y kind of colors lately.
Crazy, I know...because I usually don't...but I am finding that I really like them!
The coral and the pale yellow paired with the powder blue really makes my heart sing a happy song!
And this photo make my heart dance!
I love what I captured on film in this shot.

Joe truly adores his little girl every bit as much as she adores her Daddy.
It is evident in this one moment in time that was captured forever...
AND I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to use this sketch paired with these MLS products,
topped off with the RRR Ribbon.
These are what is making this photo shine. 
THANK you Melinda, for the inspiration...
Thank you Kris for the goodies,
Thank you Michelle for the perfect little yellow flowers.

Thank you all for stopping by to visit me today!!!!
Have a Magnificent week!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Hopping Time!!!

Well , Hi there everyone!  
And Happy MONDAY to you all!
I hope this monday is better than my Mondays have been going so far this year! is already starting out better,
with this FANTABULOUS blog hop!

If you have come to my bloggity blog from Heidi's Beautiful Blog then you are on the RIGHT TRACK!!!  If might consider starting at the beginning at
the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog and making your way through.

This month we are showcasing this amazing assortment of greens!

Isn't it gorgeous!!!?? I love it!

I, of course, did my "Bow of the Month" with this fantastic assortment !  
It is PERFECT for St. Patty's Day!!!
I tossed in a bit of Zebra print grosgrain for extra fun!

Aubrie LOVED this bow and actually WANTED to wear it!
I think the colors topped off with the peace sign grabbed her attention!
And this super cute little shamrock clippie...
complete with a Lucky Ladybug...

My girls adored these hair pretties...even in GREEN!!!!

Thank you for visiting me today. 
Your next stop on the hop is over at Dawn's Delightful Blog!
Have a Magnificent Week!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012



Go over and "meet" me as I am introduced to the 
Amazing Design Team...
and leave a comment for a chance to win
THIS gorgeous collection!!!
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE those colors!!!
And don't forget about the sketch challenge!



If you Pop on over to 
you will find that Bonnie has posted a SALE!!!
Use the link to get the sale code...
and go shop in the most AMAZING ribbon selection EVAH!
*And don't forget about the ribbon challenge!!!*

Have a magnificent Day!
I am on my way to a field trip with my 7th grader...we are taking a TWO HOUR bus ride to this better be worth it!!!!  LOL...Wish me luck! :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Are you looking for a good challenge this month?
Head on over to the Quick Quotes Blog and check out this month's
sketch challenge by Liz Qualman!!!!

Here is the super cool sketch from Liz:

Just go over to the blog and check out the rules and details!
Have fun and GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I TOTALLY did not expect to see what I saw when I went over to take a look at
 this week's new sketch and palette at The Color Room!
My layout is featured!!!
In the "oh so eloquent" words of my nine year old...
Holy Macaroni Batman!!!!
I have a smile that will not go away!
Have you SEEN the talent in that place???
It is phenomenal!  
I feel very honored to be featured!


Last Friday, the Assistant Principal of my little ones' school called and told me that Skye's name was drawn for Perfect Attendance and she won a new BIKE!!!!
I knew all weekend long and it was killing me!  
She didn't get the wonderful news until MONDAY!!! has rained every day since she brought it home!LOL

Not today though!!!
Here are the first pics of Skye on her new bike!
That is Chance helping her...he is such a good big brother!

And here is Chance walking her bike back into the yard.
Joe drove up and Skye jumped off the bike and RAN to her Daddy!
...leaving Chance holding the girlie bike! LOL

I think I need to have my camera cleaned or something, 
because I can NOT get a good
 picture on it lately!  It is driving me Batty!

And before I go, I want to say THANK YOU to DANA for entertaining Skye's classmate's Flat Stanley! He did not have a friend in another state to visit, so I told Skye's teacher that I DO!!!
I have a few of you that will be getting Stanley 
after he comes back home, too! 
THANK YOU ALL!!!!  For so generously offering your home
 and family to help out a Stanley in need!!! (LOL)

Check out this link if you want to see what Skye's Stanley
 has been up to since he arrived in Wisconsin with Michelle!

Thank you for visiting me today and
Have a FANTABULOUS Weekend!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ribbon Challenge!

Today is the day that Bonnie issues a new ribbon challenge over at 

This month's theme is Red and Pink!!!
Here is my creation for this challenge:

No...I am not much of a card maker, but I had a reason to make one...
so I figured "What the Heck".

You can check out the Details of the challenge over at 

Edit to add....My reason for making this card was to send to my 
who is currently "entertaining" Skye's Stanley
and showing him all around her town.
!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!