Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One heck of a day!!

Yesterday, after I dropped kids off at school, I came home and hopped in the shower and heard a loud BOOM that shook my house. A transformer blew REALLY close to me. Because Joe is an electrician, I knew it would be lights out for a few hours, so I got dressed and headed out to run some errands. I finished early, so I went to the school to pick up Skye...she gets out at was 10:50, so I was only a little bit early. I pulled into the parking lot, only to be rushed out of the way...for a firetruck! there was a fire in the school!! I THOUGHT they were having a drill...but was real! I could see the black smoke billowing from the back of the cafeteria. Several of the teachers told me that it was in the bathroom that was beside the cafeteria...not the kitchen. How do you think that happened??? Yep, some child had set the fire. =(

I had to stay for over an hour because they were not releasing any student...not even pre-k because they were unable to return to the school until all of the smoke was cleared out. I can only Thank God that no one was hurt. I did not take the rest of them, because they wanted pre~k to go, while they did one last check to make sure the school was clear. They were not releasing any other student. The lunch was ready...first lunch would have been at 10:50...which is when it was detected. The first teacher walking her class into the lunchroom saw the smoke coming from the restroom. It was an adventure for them.!!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Check it out!!

One of my layouts got picked and is published in the January issue of Scrapbook News and Review!

It is the "Genie in a Bottle" layout featuring my sweet little Red Head...Aubrie.

I am so excited!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wassup Dawg!

A four year old little Princess left to her own devices with a willing dog, makes for these next photos!
So, a few weeks ago, I was taking down the tree in the living room, while Skye was in the kitchen playing as little girls do. Normally, she will color in the floor or play with her babies in there because that is where my scrap nook is. I am in there much of the time...hence, so is she. So, I was not concerned one bit to hear her in there playing while I was busy...I knew she was fine.

What I DID NOT know...was that Max was in there also. Max, who was more than likely minding his OWN business, quickly became the center of all of Skye's attention.

I started hearing her talk to Max, but what she was saying I could not decipher. I only know it was Max because I Heard the "Oh Max!" that was a little louder and giggly than normal. I climbed down off of my ladder ( takes a 10ft ladder to put up and take down my tree) ...I stepped down off the ladder and walked through the dining room and into the kitchen and this is what I found....

He seemed to be TOLERATING her playing "Rock Star Dog" with him...but I knew he was silently wishing she would loose interest. Here he is after I lifted the shades just to see what his eyes were saying to me up under there. I think this is a look of desperation...and probably a "PLEASE make it stop...PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAASSSEEEEE!!!!! (in the best Roger Rabbitt voice he could do you think??

Skye just loved that he was letting her play dress up with him!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{SAS}sy February kits...and MYSTERY boxes!

First...take a look at this kit!!! Can you say WOW! I can just see all of the beautiful layout possibilities here! Check out the paisleys and the bling! YUM!
This kit features Adornit products from the newest releases...go getcha some!!

Here is a little sneak of the mystery boxes!! The retail value of the stuff that is jam packed in these boxes is $200! Lauri at Scrap Attack Scrapbooking is selling the boxes for only $34.99*!!

*These Mystery Boxes are limited in quantity and only available while supplies last. Since they are already greatly reduced, no additional discounts or promotions can be used on them.

Monday, January 18, 2010


These kits are going to ROCK YOUR WORLD! Check out the fabulous arrangements that Martha has in store for February!

Here is the one NON Valentine kit...featuring the Basic Grey Origins line. Believe me when I say you will love it! I have already had the pleasure of working with this line and it is amazing!

And here are the two Valentine kits that you get to choose from. One is vintage~y and the other is bright and playful. The first one features Fancy Pants..and magnificent arrangement of vantage lusciousness! I get to work with the 2nd one, which features the Bo Bunny "Love Bandit" AND "Persuasion" lines. I {HEART} Bo Bunny!!! I swooned when I got my kit in the mail!

So head on over to SD4U and grab yours before they are all gone!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I {HEART} Basic Grey Origins!!!!!

OMGoodness...I can not even describe how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Basic Grey Origins line! It is beautiful on line...but in REAL LIFE...It is PHENOMENAL! I savored every single inch of the paper and the stickers. I felt like I could not get enough of the lusciousness! When Lauri sent this to me...I squealed with delight! you will too once you order your own from the Scrap Attack Online Store!

Friday, January 8, 2010

TODAY IS THE STARTT OF The BLACK TIE CROP over at Scrap Attack! Come on over to the MB and join us for a fun filled crop this freezing cold weekend! The best is sponsored by Nikki Sivils!!! Wooo Hoooo!!!

There is lots of scrappy challenges and games...and PRIZES BABY!!! Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to school.....

FOR REAL this time! LOL

Yesterday, Monday, I TOTALLY thought that school was back in session. At 5:30, Tamon was up and dressed...ready by 6am. Dayne (my 7year old) was even up and ready! By 6:20...all the kids were out of bed and raring to go. Chance and Skye needed a little prodding, but they were up. Dayne even said to me..."Mom, I am ready to go to school and LEARN something!" How cute is that, right?
Well...7 am, we left the house. Normally, we don't leave the house until about 7:20, but Tamon had missed his bus (or so we thought). Well, we got to the schools and they seemed very empty for a Monday morning. Only a few cars in each parking lot...they were SHUT DOWN! Oh no! They go back on the 5th! LOL
So, I did what any respectable Mom would do in this situation, I went to jack In the Box and bought them all a Breakfast Jack for a "consolation" prize. They were not thrilled that they had to get up so early, but they were appeased with the food. CHANCE, however, was not happy AT ALL. He was the ONE that did NOT want to get out of bed!
When we got home, they were getting out of the truck and I said, "Great Job on the practice run this morning!" You all did great...let's do it again just like this tomorrow morning!"
They were not amused.
I heard about it for the rest of the day.

Fast Forward to today....
6:30 am and everyone is still in BED! Even Joe! LOL...WHAT HAPPENED!!!???
Tamon Really DID miss his bus and Joe had to take him. Aubrie was difficult and did not want to wear the only pair of jeans that I could find in her trash heap she calls a room, and Skye was not wanting to wear the clothes that SHE picked out last night! UGH!!!!
We got to school at 7:35...which is technically early, but Chance and Aubrie are on the Safety Patrol Team, which means that they are supposed to be there at 7:30.
Oh well....It was a "Back to School Monday" for real this time!

And now it is time for a January Reveal from SD4U! I used the "Honey I'm Home" collection to create these layouts...

Friday, January 1, 2010

And for Good Measure...

I am showcasing a few of my "BOY" layouts that I love for 2009. They get their own feature for 2 reasons... I do not scrap my boys enough...I think I will make it a resolution to do that more often this year!! AND because they are totally "un-loved" in the scrappy world, and Chance thinks that he deserves his VERY OWN POST. I gave the boys their own featured spot-light!
Here are my boys....

That concludes my Favorites for the year of 2009. Like I said...they are not my BEST works...they are my favorites that are dear to my heart for one reason or another.

Thank you for stopping by my blog...and I wish you all a very happy~scrappy New Year! May 2010 bring us all least enough to support our addiction to paper!! LOL

October, November and December... for the final THREE of my top ten favorites through the year. By now, I am using all kinds of new techniques, embellies, and more. I have learned to layer my items for added interest and I am not scared of color or patterned paper any more!! I am so excited! I think I chose this next layout for October for several, because it is my hunky hubby...and it is very very rare that I scrap about him! Actually...this is the ONLY layout this year about him alone! LOL I also love the bright vivid colors that I chose for this layout. =)

This next one is November's layout that was created with the kit from ScrapAttack, and Lauri's sketch. I swear, I think she created that sketch for ME! I LOVED the sketch...and I do love the results of using that sketch! I do not scrap with many circles...but this layout just holds my heart strings.

And here is December's layout. While I am at the point of loving most all of my layouts, I think this one took the cake for me this month. The multi layers of snowflakes and the rub-ons and the pearls and the glitz and is my heart on paper! Skye said to me.."Mama, there really IS a Santa Clause! He made it snow for your Birthday! It was my Christmas wish!" After the SNOW IN TEXAS on my Birthday...I totally forgot all about the fact that snowflakes do not "work" on a layout about a Texas girl! LOL...Let it SNOW, Baby!