Thursday, September 9, 2010

been sick, getting better and reveals.....

WOW. Being sick is not fun. Not fun at all.I have been so sick I have not done much of anything...which includes updating my blog. Thank goodness I am getting better and back on my scrappy track! I have a couple of reveals to share.....

The first one is from Simply Obsessed...featuring the Glitz Kismet collection. Talk about GGGORGEOUS!!!! I fell in love!

For this first one, I love me some fussy that is what I did. I used those gorgeous butterflies, beautiful bloom and the super cute star pins to enhance this photo of my 5 year old winning the affection of her brother! Once Skye noticed that her big brother was giving some other girl attention, she went over and laid her head in his lap and said, "I want you to hold me, Bubba." I think that is a sneaky little girl! LOL

For this one, I focused on the number just totally made me think football for some reason! I love that it showcased these pics of my son playing football last year just perfectly! Yes, that is one of my own ticket stubs from one of the games last year.
I am totally ready for his first game this year! I can't wait to get the pics!!!

This one is focusing on the super cute Bingo tiles. I totally cheated by making my own bingo card, and I will tell you how to do it....
All I did, was google "Bingo Card" and it pulled up several different pictures of bingo cards, I picked one, printed, and viola!!!

This is an AWESOME kit, and obviously not limited to just one or 2 topics! I LOVE the versatility, and the colors are fantastic!!!!!

Head on over to Simply Obsessed for your own kit!!!!


I have THIS LAYOUT on the Pagemaps site this month...and I love this Bo Bunny Collection!!!!!

AND....I have my SD4U reveal, but that will come that I can post some exciting news about the site at the same time!!!

Oh....and last but certainly not least, September 1st was my youngest daughter's 5th birthday. I was sick, so I did not get to post...but I am making up for it...
Happy Birthday to my Sweet Skye!!!!