Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wanna WIN som BLOG CANDY??????

Well, then head on over to the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog and check out how to get in the running for it!  It is SUPER easy to get your name in the drawing....so GO!

Here is a pic of what you will win....

And,,,can I just say...WOWOWOW!!!  I want that!!!!!  
Head on over....registration is EASY PEASY!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bows and More....

Ain't that ribbon is for????  
I think so!!!!!

I made a bow for my munchkin using more of Bonnie's
 BEAUTIFUL ribbon from Really Reasonable Ribbon...
Here is what I did....

but you will have to head over to the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog
to see the details and all the ribbon that I used for this bow! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things....

Is still running the "FAVE PHOTO" challenge.  It is SUCH a fun challenge to play in!  All you do, is scrap your FAVORITE PHOTO, and upload with Mr. Linky right on the Fave Things blog.  THEN you will be entered to win the super cool prize!  Heck, what have you got to loose by playing along with us??? UM>>>>NOTHING!!!!
So Head on over to A few of my Favorite Things and link up your layout! Go on over there now and check out the prize for this round!  IT is way cool!

Here is the layout that I did...
It is truly my favorite photo right now.

I also participated in a crop this weekend over at BACKPORCH MEMORIES.
I got a few layouts done that I am happy with...
They are admittedly a little plain, but you all know how crops go with time frames and all...
UGH! LOL...I will probably go back and rework them, but overall, I really like how they are coming together.......

OH...AND the DT Girls over at Back Porch Memories asked me to be the Guest Designer for the month of June!  COOLIO!  I am so excited!  I can't wait to get started!
Oh, and I signed up for an online photography course.  My photo taking skillz are good, yes, but I want to be better.  You can never STOP learning, right?  
So, I have been playing around in my Manual Mode with my camera, 
just to make sure I still can!LOL...
And here are a few of the photos I have taken....  
*THESE are ALL straight from my camera, NO editing at all*

Of course I took quite a few more, but I think these were my favorites.  
I have begun editing a few of them...and they are flippin' AWESOME!
I will share some of those later...this post is already WAY long! 

Don't forget to head over to A few of my Favorite Things and play along, 
and the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog Challenge is still going! 
AND...GO check out the cool sketch on the Scrapbook Daisies Blog...
Oh Yeah! AND the Crop over at Back Porch Memories is still in Full Swing!  
ALL of these that I just listed, all you have to do is play, and you will automatically be entered into the random drawing for the prize(s).
SO, I just gave you FOUR places to play...What are you waiting for!!  GO!

Thanks for visiting and have a Fantabulous Day!

What's wrong with this picture???

So, I was flipping through Joe's I-phone to see if he had gotten any pictures from this weekend.  We had a BBQ cook off and he won 3rd place on his chicken, so I was checking for pics.  Well, he had a few, but THOSE are not what interested me.  AS I was flipping through his pics...I came across some VERY INTERESTING photos, to say the least.  Tell me...
WHAT DO YOU think is wrong here?????

YEP!  My goofy husband was playing with the features on his I-phone
 and he FUNKIFIED us!!!!  LOL

I thought it was hilarious, and just wanted to share.
Have a Fantabulous day!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Inky Antics You say???

Yep!  That is what I said!
Inky Antics is the sponsor of the newest challenge up on the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog!  

The theme this month is "ANYTHING GOES"...
And they are offering a $25 gift card to the winner!
Here is what I created for this challenge...
Don't you just love that little baker girl???!! She is from the set of Inky Antics stamps that I used...LOVED it!
You can win your own!!  Head on over to the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog and get the whole "Scoop" with the rules and regs for this challenge.   

***Oh, and for those of you who requested tutorials...I will get one together for the bow soon!  ALSO, the crowd {and Bonnie} has spoken...so each month I will feature a new bow with Bonnie's Ribbon of the month assortment, so watch for tutorials with those bows! **
(I am already working on next month's...it is going to be A.DOR.ABLE!!!)

So...for noe...go check out the challenge...it is going to be super fun!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011


  **Please note that BLOGGER is having issues.  SOME posts will be up and some may not be.  If you can not get through the hop today, please come back again tonight or sometime soon and try again.  We will all have our blogs up and running ASAP.  Thank you for understanding!*

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the May edition of the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog Hop!  If you have gotten to my blog from Andrea's beautiful blog, then you are on the RIGHT track!  When you leave my blog, then next person you will visit will be the magnificent Connie!

Now, this is my very first blog hop with Really Reasonable Ribbon, and I am so excited! I FELL. IN. LOVE. with the beautiful Ribbon Club collection for this month!  All those pinks and browns are to die for!   The problem with me is, though, I am not much of a card maker.  I know, I know....if I can scrap book, I can make a card.  I have heard it a thousand times.  But it is not so! LOL.  I can't make a card that I am happy with...so I just do not do it.

I DO, However, Make Bows.  LOTS of Bows.  BIG bows, Little Bows...skinny Bows, Fat Bows....I can make the bows!   This ribbon assortment was just begging to be made into a bow!  SO....I did what any respectable Mommy of 2 little girls would do...I made the bow!  LOL.  I actually used ALL 8 ribbons on this bow, too!  I also used a 70mm French Clip as you can see in the photo.

Isn't it GORGEOUS in her hair?!!  She even wanted to wear it! 
I didn't have to bribe her! LOL.
The sweetest thing, was when Chance, her 12 year old brother says to her...
"Aubrie, you actually look pretty with that."


You can make smaller versions with smaller clips and less ribbon 
(I used almost all that came in the kit)
BUT, I wanted this bow to be big and "Bowtiful" because
she will be wearing it with her matching dress
to her Gifted & Talented showcase. I want Dressy, not casual.    :)

Thank you for visiting me today!  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my bow!  Oh...I am considering making a "Bow a Month" using the Ribbon Club assortment every month...tell me if you would like that, or if you want to see something else from me.  :)

You next stop is magnificent Connie!  
Have a FANTABULOUS Day!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"When I Grow Up....

I want to be a Grandma."

Yes...that is all I want to be when I grow up...a Grandma.  

With Mother's Day just past, I had a lot of time to reflect on what Motherhood really means to me.  It means different things at different stages of life...once it was babies and bottles, then it was toddlers with a bag of Cheetos in tow, then it was first days of school with me on the brink of tears...but I had to be a "big girl" and not cry in front of them. But now, it is watching them grow, and praying to God that I am doing right by them.   I help them with their homework, read books and go to have lunch with them at school.  I attend all their functions, put them into sports and other events, and I even make sure they have a chore or 2 to do to instill a sense of responsibility. 
 My kids are my everything.  

But, when faced with life AFTER they grow up?  What then?

My 5 year old has been studying about careers in school.  They are discussing what they want to be when they grow up.  A few weeks ago, my daughter turns to me and casually says, 
"Mommy, what do YOU want to be when you grow up?" Her eyes big, full of curiosity and TRULY wanting an answer.

Now, at this moment, I could have laughed and told her "I am grown up, silly"  Or I could have blown her off as so many adults do when a child asks a silly question. (Which irks me to no end)

But, to me, this question was not silly.  This question was a real question that required a real answer.

After a moment, I answered,  "I want to be a Grandma when I grow up."  

I didn't realize at that particular moment how much impact that statement would have.  It was just the first thing that popped into my head, and it satisfied my 5 year old. But then, something happened.
I started noticing my Mom and my Step Mom with my kids, and how much adoration my children have for them.  I know their faults and the bad things they have done in life, but to my kids, those 2 ladies are as pure as Angels.  They are perfection.  I can only hope that I will have grand children that adore me as much as my 5 kids adore my Moms.  As much as I adored my own 2 Grandmothers.  

I had an opportunity to capture this adoration on camera with my 5 year old and my Step Mom on Easter Day.  Skye was coloring in her new book, and my Step Mom asked to see her page.  Skye PROUDLY displayed her artwork to her Grandma, and told her all about what was going on in the picture.  My Step Mom, looked and listened intently, as Skye rambled on about the 2 brown puppies and one is Brownie and one is Brutus...etc.  I was watching more than listening, so I am not sure what all she said, but it was a moment shared with the 2 of them, that I was so happy to capture.  

I did this layout using the My Minds Eye sketch for May and the Stella and Rose Collection.  This was done with products that MME Graciously donated to Renee from Simply Renee at the Winter CHA show to fill Renee's NEW Clip It Up system!  

I also did a little bit of photo organizing and found a few photos of my own Grandmother.  Please go over to the Clip It Up Blog and visit me and check out my organizational tip.  

Thank you for visiting me today!  I do hope your Mother's Day was a Magnificent one!  
Have a Fantabulous Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011


Well, NSD Weekend anyway!!!
Unfortunately, with the downsizing/closing of the Scrapbook Daisies board, the DT and I did not plan any NSD events.  I thought I was going to be spending NSD NOT playing anywhere!  AGH! The Horror!
Well, I looked around and I found a super fun board...Scrap-Tastic!  Becky is the "Head Chica in Charge" and she is Awesome!  She is hosting NSD over there, and has given a little twist to it that I have NEVER seen!  She is inviting the participants to host their own challenge!!  How Flippin' FUN is THAT!!!???

Well, I am playing along over there this weekend as time permits between kids...kids...oh yeah...and KIDS!  I am also hosting my own little challenge!  Go check it out!!!  Oh...did I mention PRIZES!!!??  YEAH BABY!!!

Please mention that I sent you over if you go.  Oh, you will need to register, but Becky is SUPER FAST about approving requests!  Seriously...FAST!

Hope to see you all over there sometime this weekend! 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Funky Flip Flops!!!

Well, summer has not QUITE gotten here, and it seems to be taking it's own sweet time...but I decided to try to hurry the situation along with a little summery project.  I like to personalize my girls' flip flops every summer so that they are unique.  One of the ways I do that is to add ribbons.  LOTS of ribbons!  Here is the pic of a pair that I just did for Skye....

They are SUPER easy to do, and I prepared a little tutorial on "HOW TO"...just pop on over to the Really Reasonable Ribbon Ramblings Blog and check it out!
Make sure and leave me a comment!  Have a fantastic Day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It is MAY People!

It is COOOLDER today!
Yes, Michelle...I am sporting my handy dandy fleece blanket as I take my munchkins to school!  LOL
Weather at a Glance
Weather Station
125 ft
Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds
44.0 °F
Feels Like 44 °F
Sunrise / Set
6:35 AM
8:00 PM
New Moon
Clear81 °F
Partly Cloudy49 °F
Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy81 °F
Partly Cloudy

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Caney, TX

9:40 AM CDT on May 03, 2011 (GMT -0500)
Elev: 125 ft
Lon: 95.2° W
Lat: 30.1° N

Weather at a Glance
Weather Station
125 ft
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy
56.3 °F
Feels Like 56.3 °F
Sunrise / Set
6:36 AM
7:59 PM
Waxing Crescent
It's MAY in TEXAS and it is COOOOOOOLD!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Double Dutch Challenge!

Well, TODAY is the day....my very first project for the Really Reasonable Ribbon Design Team is up on the blog and there is a SUPER FUN Challenge going on, too!  All you have to do is head on over to the blog and check out the specifics, and then create! (which is what we all do BEST!)

When I first learned of the assignment and went over to the Fred She Said site to pick my images, I saw THE MOST ADORABLE little angels.  EVER.  I knew instantly that these were the images that I would use.  I had written a poem for Skye when she was born, and it mentioned Little Angels several times...so I decided to put the poem to print and decorate it.  It is now framed and resides on her bedroom wall.  You can click on the image to enlarge it so that you can read the poem easier.
  I used digital images from Fred She Said along with my trims from RRR.  I used the Amelia White Crochet Lace along with the Diamond Satin Rose Ribbon.  I also used the Chino Pearls in the corners.
To accent the angels, I simply used a color coordinating stickles to give her dress some sparkle.

Don't forget to head over the the Really Reasonable Ribbon Ramblings blog to check out the projects from the rest of the DT!  They are AMAZING!!!!!  AND...I hope you play along with us in this challenge!

Thank you for visiting me today...and I can NOT BELIEVE it is ALREADY MAY!  WOW how time is flying by!  This month will be super busy for me with the end of the school year activities...but I DO have a few more projects to share with you all soon!