Friday, July 29, 2011


can express what I felt yesterday...
but maybe if I tell you the story, you will get a glimpse. 

Since school let out for the summer break, my house has been non stop commotion.  I have five kids, so that alone is evidence enough that the noise level in my house is above average...but then, when each kid adds just ONE friend...oh...and two dogs and a bunny rabbit...well, let's just say the sound barrier comes close to getting broken!  
They don't fight or argue...the noise is playing, joking, laughing...all the noises a Mom would want to hear, so I have learned to "tune out the noise" unless it is a distressed sound...then I actually pay attention. 

Yesterday, I was busy working on the normal "Mom" stuff...laundry, dishes, etc...and then I heard something that REALLY caught my attention.  It wasn't a cry for help, or an argument that needed a  
It was even more rare than that.  

Naturally, I became alarmed.  
We have a pool in the back yard, and while the rules are that NO ONE may get in without permission, they are kids, and they will do what kids do and occasionally push to see how far they can go.
SO...I thought MAYBE they decided to go for a swim. 
I was in my bedroom which looks out to my back yard where the pool is at the moment I heard the "SILENCE"... SO, I peeked out my window, but the pool was empty.
HMMMM....  where are those kids?  
The silence is still deafening, so I walk out of my bedroom and down the hallway to the living room. 
When I arrive, this is what I see...
Skye reading the FIRST cat book ever.
(We have read every dog book we could find at the library...
so it was her next choice. :)
 and Tamon curled up reading his book...
And then I walk back down the hallway and start peeking into bedrooms...
Chance...(notice the pink blanket?) 
It is Aubrie's that she had left in his room.
And then Dayne...
But I think the one that caught my attention the most was Aubrie's book...
I asked her "WHY are you reading Skye's books?"
Well...her answer was quite reasonable...
" is Thursday...we went to the Library on Monday.  I finished my books already, so I am reading hers to tell her which ones are the best."

Can you say "WOW" ?  Talk a bout a heart full of joy.
I totally did not expect to find what I did.
The cause of the silence was books.
Maybe I am doing something right.
Maybe...just maybe...

You know this will be scrapped...RIGHT?

Thank you all for stopping by today! 
We have a tropical storm headed our way, so I might need to take the kids to the library to load up on books again this morning...they finished them ALL!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Stuff on Sunday....

So, last week was my Dad's 62nd birthday.  It is so hard for me to fathom that he is that "old" (NOT that 60 is old!!!!) He is still looking pretty good for a man in his 60's if I do say so myself! Here is a layout that I did with him and pics of my kids.  The photos are from Easter, and I did the layout for him and gave it to him for Father's Day...but I never posted it here, so I thought today was as good a day as any!

I did it during my Guest spot at My Mind's Eye using the Lime Twist collection.  I have to say...that collection is fantastic!  I also tossed in a bit of the American Made collection for good measure.  ;) 

I also have a post up at Really Reasonable Ribbon.  I have been getting craft with ribbon pop on over there and leave me a comment!
Check out what I made...

Ribbon Woven Headbands are super easy, and a tutorial will be coming soon.  The supply list is up on the blog, so get over there and see what you need, gather your supplies, and get ready for a tute!  

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you have gotten a bit of inspiration from me today.  I know how the busy summer months can get when your mojo takes a vacation on it's own....and leaves you at home!  LOL...(Been there, Done that)  Thank goodness my Mr. Mojo is right here with me this week!  LOL! 
Have a fantabulous Day!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Son Shine.... is cheesy...I know! 
But he really is.  This kid makes me laugh ALL the flippin' time! 
He has a fantastic sense of humor...can't IMAGINE where he could have inherited THAT from!!!  LOL (wink wink)  He is just like me!
He definitely makes me happy when skies are gray!!!  

I used the Fancy Pants "Beach Bum" line for this one...
and i kinda gave it a little twist.
Not the typical layout one would expect from this least I hope not!
Notice the "LOOK" he is giving me?
He is cutting those eyes at me and actually saying,
"Is THIS the look you want? >>>How about THIS?  OR THIS?"
and he kept giving me funky looks...
I actually got 2 decent ones from the 25 I took!!!!
he HATES to get his picture taken, so he makes it as uncomfortable for ME as it is for him! 
BRAT.  That is all.  BRAT.  LOL

Monday, July 18, 2011

Winner! Winner!

Well, Aubrie picked the winner form the Blog hop....
so, please contact me at and we can get you set up!  I will need your mailing address also.  Here is who she chose....

Blogger ThemeWeaver said...
What a beautiful young lady, Happiest of Birthdays to you Aubrie!!
My grandduaghter is such a girlie girl and loves to be adorned by pretty things, this would make her shine!! Thank you for the chance.
Janet Cooney
July 13, 2011 3:57 PM


Also, head over to the RRR blog and see who else won! 

Oh...and you know I can't just "Post and Run" without leaving a little bit of "gorgeousnesss"!  LOL

A while back ago, I created a beautiful little layout for a crop challenge or something..and I totally forgot to post it here!  I love love love this layout, and can't even begin to figure out why I would forget to post it!  
But here it is...I used the LYB "Twig" line with a touch of "Cupcake Love"

There are lots of layers in this...but it is not overly bulky...ya know? My journaling is inside the blue envelope.  
I know it is supposed to be for a mini album, but it served my purposes much better this way! LOVE this line!

Thanks for looking!  

Saturday, July 16, 2011

ALl American Boys...

When Amber Packer from My Minds Eye asked me to
 Guest for them, I was super thrilled.  
I was over the moon actually!  When she sent my assignments over, 
one of them included creating a 2 page layout based on a 1 page sketch,
 and including instructions on how to do so. 
If you click this link, it will take you to the MME Newsletter 
and my instructions on how to create THIS layout:

This is "American Made" using the American Made collection! 
I had been holding on to these photos of my son and my nephew for about a year now... and finally I had the PERFECT paper to showcase them.  
I hand doodled the barbed wire, I used a cookie cutter to create the chicken wire look, and I used a boat load of black and brown inks to help to give these paper the distressed look. 
Sometimes a layout just falls in place...and that is what this one did for me.  
I have had this formulating in my head for a long time now! LOL
I love the pure country look to the over all layout, and the "Country Boy" vibe that it sends off! When these 2 boys get is almost a remake of 
"Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn"!

I haven't done too many 2 page layouts lately, but I have to say...I think I will start doing them again!  I love the way this turned out.  

Thank you for stopping by today!  
Have a fantabulous weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2011

@ Eleven...

....she is already beautiful, smart, talented, generous, loving, caring, and so many more wonderful things.  She is a beautiful young lady on the outside, and even more so on the inside.
Aubrie turned eleven on Wednesday the 13th, and I captured a beautiful photo of her.  I used the sketch by Imaginisce by Aphra Bolyer and the monochromatic color scheme prompt to create this layout of my little girl who "ain't" so LITTLE any more!
Here is the sketch...
and here is my layout based on the sketch...

I used "Garden Party" and a tad bit of "Enchanted"
to create the layout.  I also put my handy dandy I-Rock to work! 
 Love that little thing!

The pink color scheme is one typically used for baby girls...which she is NOT!  
She asked me why I used the pink when her favorite color is blue...
I told her..., "Because you will ALWAYS be my baby."
she thought I was nuts...LOL.  :)

OH!  Bonnie at Really Reasonable Ribbon posted a new challenge today! 
Challenges are a GREAT way to jet your creative juices flowin'!!
Head on over there and check it out....and play along with us! 

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Back to school....?

***Scroll to the post below this one for the RRR Blog Hop***
Yes...we are counting down the days till the first day. 
 Shopping and gathering clothes, supplies, and accessories has this Mama EXHAUSTED!  
But...not so exhausted that I couldn't muster up some mojo to create this
 super cute ribbon purse to match a few of Skye's new outfits....

She adores it!  
Wanna know how to do it yourself?
head on over to the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog 
and check out my is SUPER SIMPLE!

Oh...and I don't think I ever shared this project with you using 
My Mind's Eye papers and Ribbon from Really Reasonable Ribbon...

It uses the Lime Twist Collectin and I flippin' LOVE it!  The combo of the paper and the ribbon were a perfect match to showcase those photos of my munchkins enjoying some YUMMY watermelon!
I made the flowers myself, and the little watermelon was made of ribbon. 

Don't forget to scroll DOWN to check out the blog hop.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Welcome to the July Edition of the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog hop!
This month's Ribbon Club Assortment is FANTASTIC!
(But...aren't they ALWAYS!??  I think so!)
This is a super fun mix of vibrant pinks, oranges and yellows with a 
touch of green tossed in for good measure.  ;)
Doesn't this just SCREAM summer fun to you?  Me, too! 

Hopefully, as you hop along to each blog, you will get a ton of inspiration
 and ideas on what to do with such a gorgeous assortment of ribbons! 
Trust me...the ladies on this team have got UBER talent when it comes to ribbon! 
I wish I had a teaspoon of their creativity!!!!  
Here is the hop order for easy reference:
RRR Blog Hop Order
 ME (Misty)

Well, I gotta say...this month's bow was a bit of a challenge for me.  I wanted to do a new style that I haven't shown yet, but the sizes and styles of the ribbon presented me with a dilemma. 
I could not figure out how to use ALL of the ribbons on my bow...
BUT...I did use most of them!
I also tossed in the new
and 1/4 inch acid green grosgrain

Now...if you know me at all, you know that I ADORE Prima, so yes, to answer your question, that is a prima rose nestled all snug as a bug in the center of that bow! 
This bow will be perfect for adding just a touch of "dressy" to 
the otherwise NOT SO DRESSY 5 year old munchkin I have! LOL
Here she is wearing it...all falling out of her unbrushed hair!  :)  

I hope you enjoy the rest of the hop!
Before I send you on your way, though...
I want to share this with you...
Today is my oldest daughter's ELEVENTH birthday.

She is growing so fast.  Getting so beautiful.  And developing such an amazing Inner beauty, that I am proud to be able to call her my daughter.  
Actually... I am Blessed to be able to call her Daughter.
In honor of her birthday, I am giving away one bow to one lucky commenter.
All you have to do is follow my blog and the RRR Blog ,
and leave me a comment on this post telling me 
who you know that would love a bow and why.
I will let Aubrie pick who wins and gets a bow for her birthday at the end of the hop.

Your net stop is at the super talented Connie's blog.
Have a great hop and a FANTABULOUS week!
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hi Everyone! Bonnie thinks that it is a PERFECT DAY FOR A SALE at Really Reasonable Ribbon...and I think I agree!!!! It has been sooooooo hot down here in Texas, that I have been staying in doors. Two words for you..... AIR. CONDITIONING!!! Indoor Projects~~~! So...Head on over to the RRR Blog and snatch up some ribbon sales and start doing your own INDOOR projects!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sharing My Mind's Eye....

It just occurred to me that I never shared my projects that I created during my Guest Spot at My Mind's Eye last month with you all!  Well, I will share a little bit this week...starting with a layout with Skye and her two BFF's...

This layout was created using my "Word of the Month" prompt from Amber.  She told me to pick a word that best described my month and make a layout about it. word/title of my layout is FRIEND.
It breaks my heart that these 3 girls have known each other since birth, been friends and looked forward to being in school together, but will not be able to be int he same school any longer.  Our district re-zoned, and Skye will be going to a different school.  SOOOOO, I have spent the majority of the summer nourishing this friendship so that these 3 stay friends regardless of the distance during the school year.
Oh...and do you like my flowers????  I crocheted each and every one of them using the FANTASTIC bakers twine from the Lime Twist collection! That twine is AWESOME and super durable!  LOVE it! Brads from the Lost and Found collection served as perfect flower centers!!The lace on the inside border of the circle is Penolope natural crochet lace from Really Reasonable Ribbon.  I used a couple of quotes handwritten along the outer edges of the circle.  Oh...I was asked recently where I find all of my quotes at...because I use a LOT of quotes on my layouts.  (It's true...I LOVE quotes!)  I find most of them at Quote Garden.  It is my favorite "One stop shop" for the perfect quote! LOL

OH!!! ...Aubrie's birthday is Wednesday as well as the RRR Blog hop.  Make sure you come over and join us for that! I made a GORGEOUS "Bow of the Month"...just sayin' (wink wink).
Have a fantabulous day!  

Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Fun Challenge!

Hello everyone! It's time for a new challenge at Really Reasonable Ribbon.

The theme for Challenge #27 is Picnic/Summer Fun.
Create a card, layout, multi media piece, tag, ATC, hair bow, you name it. Just be sure to follow the theme above and use ribbon/lace or trim somewhere on your project. 
Here is what I created...
I think it is just absolutely perfect for those summer picnics!  Skye loves it, too!

Head on over to the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog for the rest of the details 
and to see what the DT created!

And since today is the FOURTH OF JULY!!!....
here is a little banner that I created...

 OH!!  Almost forgot!
The Prima Product Pick! 

I can just imagine all the gorgeousness that can be created with this stuff
using pics from TODAY'S celebrations!!!

Have a wonderful Day everyone!!!
Hope it is safe and wonderful!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Miss Skye...

I have been taking the "Oh Shoot!" photography class instructed by Candice Stringham...and let me just say...

I have actually learned a lot of info, and have greatly improved my photography skillz to the point that I am almost 100% manual!!!!!!!
I am so happy with this class and I highly recommend it!

That pic of Miss Skye above was taken on manual mode and
Just wanted to share....
Thanks for looking!!

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