Monday, August 16, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!!!

Ik ladies...I waid I would pull a winner from all of my comments on Monday morning. And here we are...Monday (just a few minutes after noon) which is still morning for me! LOL.

SO, I went to and plugged in my #'s and here are the results....

True Random Number Generator Min: 1 Max: 36 Result: 1 Powered by RANDOM.ORG


Mrs. Julie Tucker-Wolek....You are my winner!!!!

send me your address to and I will get you a little goody bag out in the snail mail!!!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's "SO" a Blog Hop at Simply Obsessed!

Wooooo Hooooo! How are you liking the hop so far???
If you got here by way of Pam's blog, then woo~hoo for you...because you have reached the end! (ALMOST!!!) If you did not, then start at the beginning of this hop at the Simply Obsessed blog and hop to all of the blogs!

As you have probably guessed by now, this hop is in honor of Simply Obsessed's 3rd Birthday!!! We are all excited about the milestone, and we are celebrating!

So, I thought I would share a couple of my own "Party Favors" with you....

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo into banners lately....who isn't!!?? I am putting them on EVERYTHING! Cards, layouts, everything! My favorite ones are the ones that I hand make. They add such a fun element to anything while adding that personal touch. Here is a Birthday "Party" card that I made using one of my own handmade banners. It will be for my daughter who's 5th birthday is coming soon also!

And here is a 2 page layout about my daughter's 4th birthday utilizing not only a handmade banner, but everything on this layout is OLD stash!!! That was one of my resolutions this use my old stash in addition to my new stuff. My end goal is to have my scrap room "Old stash Free" by January 1!! LOL I will use this layout as a table display at her 5th birthday show everyone the fun we had...last year....but today, it is a blog decoration for Simply Obsessed's Birthday Party!!!! is an idea for you....
A great way to move that old stash is to re-gift it! It may be old to you, but someone else may just LOVE that old stash of yours!!!!

Today, I am re~gifting some of my stuff to one of you in Honor of SO's 3rd Birthday!!!!! (Trust me...I don't buy ugly stuff! LOLOL)

All you have to do is....
1. Click the follow button and become a follower of my blog...leave me a comment letting me know you did.

For an extra entry into my RAK:
2. Leave me a comment and tell me what your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing was on this blog hop today

For TWO MORE entries into my RAK give away:
3. Join us this weekend at the Simply Obsessed Birthday Party Crop! >You will have to come back here and leave me a quick little note that you played along.

I will draw a winner on MONDAY don't forget to leave your comments for EACH thing you complete!, now you have completed the hop...your FINAL DESTINATION is
Breaking News!!! We have a new blog to visit....please go visit Lisa's Blog before heading over to the the Simply Obsessed Blog. Lisa made some AWESOME party don't want to miss those!!!! Then...Head on over the the Message board...where the festivities have already Begun!!!!!

I hope to see you over at the Croppin' Party!!!!!! It is a BIRTHDAY>>>>>Let's Celebrate!!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reveal Day from the Back Porch!!!

LOLOL...that just sounded fun to say!! I LOVE sitting out on my Back porch...It is where I chill and watch the kids play in the pool. It is where we have our watermelon, our BBQ's and our family gatherings in the summer. And, it is where I sit with my laptop, soaking in the sun, and chatting here on the web and my favorite sites. I LOVE my Back Porch...and I LOVE the Back Porch Memories Board!

So, you all know that I am the Guest Designer at Back Porch Memories for the month of August...

what you DON'T know, that this kit is MAGNIFICENT!!!

So...I will tell you...


When I started working with it, I KNEW I was loving it!!!! Four layouts and 1 card later, I finally have exhausted all of my paper and most all of the embellies. But....not myself! I could continue with this kit for several more projects!!! it is phenomenal!!!!

Here is a simple card. I will probably tweak it for a teacher when the kids go back to school...but for now, it is a simple generic card...and I LOVE the softness of it!

Here is "Beach Bumz". It is Dayne, Skye and Hunter romping in the ocean and playing on the beach. They LOVED the feel of the sand in their toes!!!

Here is "Beach Fun". It is Aubrie and Brianna playing in the sand on Jamaica Beach. Their favorite thing to do was to build sand castles and try to make the prints in the sand.

Here is "I'm Soakin' Hungry" I already previewd this one last week Here if you would like to see the journaling. It really IS cute..LOL.

And My FAVORITE...."Kissed". This wa s asneaky little picture I caught wile on vacation last year. Skye made her Daddy give her a kiss, and I CAUGHT it!!! I love~love~love this pic! And this kit was the PERFECT choice to showcase this precious moment! there is my crafty stuff for the day...let me get to the funnies....

I took Tamon the Optometrist yesterday. As we are waiting to be seen, I am flipping through a magazine...Family Circle I think...and I see a beautiful triple decker ice cream cone with a cherry on top. I knew Tamon would appreciate the looks of that ice cream, so I told him..."Hey...check this out...don't you want one?"

I noticed his eyes were fixated on the opposite page from where I was intending, so I said..."NOT the girl, son, the ice cream cone!"

He half grinned and looked at the other page.

I Said..."Typical male...looking at the chick!"

He said...." I was looking at the sandwich."

I had to look back at the magazine, and sure enough...she was holding a sandwich!

THAT was even funnier! Mama always said...
"The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

I just had to laugh. kid is becoming a man!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm A Bella Artista!!!!!!!

Ok...I am SOOOOO Excited!!!! I am about to burst with excitement, but I can finally share!!!

I was asked to be a Bella Artista!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!???

Yep, My heart is going BEEP~BEEP~BEEP Right now!!!! I am still on cloud #9!
Go check out the official announcement made this morning....
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bella Blvd. Blog Post

Thank you for stopping by!!! Have a FANTABULOUS Day!!!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WOW!! What a fun and cheerful kit this is!!! It is so bright and will want to get all whimsical with your layouts...even if it is not your style! You will love this kit if you ordered it this month! It has sooo much potential and the embellies are a TON of fun!!!
Here I have 4 projects...and enough "stuff" left over to do another one or 2 little projects!

here is "Summer Lovin'" It is my 2 girls splishing and splashing in the ocean..and loving every minute of it! I got all messy with paints, stickles and glossy accents with this one to try to create the white splashes around the layout to resemble the foam of the waves.

And here is "Our Family Circus". I loved the bright colors of the kit...and kept wanting to make a bright banner...but I just couldn't make the banner 'fit' with the water I changed it up a bit...and this is the result!
The journaling says....Trying to get a Good photo of these clowns is like trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat!
You see all the rabbit ears being thrown around! These kids are a bunch of clowns I tell ya! And so was born the circus theme of the beach themed kit!

Here is "Chick'n Champs" I LOVE this one! LOL. That photo is not great, because it was jacked from Face book from my friend's page! :grin: That is my son and her daughter, they were the champs for the day in all the chicken competitions! They were feeling pretty spunky and cocky you can tell!! Everything is from the kit, except, I added in the prima swirl. It is one set that I cut up into a bunch of tiny snippets.

And a birthday card....

This kit is sooo fun! Lots of bright and whimsical layouts! Head on over to SD4U to get yours!!....And THANK YOU for taking time to check out my work! Have a Fabulous Day!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Although August marks the middle of the year, it also marks the Beginning for a lot of things. August is the beginning of school for some, it could be the beginning of a life for a new baby, the beginning of a marriage...there are all sorts of things that August marks the beginning of.
This month, your challenge at Simply Obsessed is to create a layout in recognition of a Beginning. I want the word BEGIN in your title, or some form of the word...(begins, beginning, began...etc.)

I chose to document the beginning of my insanity. Yes...You heard me right...I am now officially going insane. This layout is of my oldest son...with his girlfriend. AAAHHHHH! How is that even possible!!??? Just "yesterday" he was playing with Tonka he is playing with a girl!!! there you have it...the beginning of his first "relationship" which marks the beginning of my insanity!


AUGUST also marked the beginning of my Guest Design term at Back Porch Memories!!! I am so excited!!! I have the AMAZING August kit in my hot little hands, and the layouts are practically designing themselves!
I am honored to be able to present a challenge to the BPM board this month...and my challenge revolves around journaling. I am soooooo not ajournaler. At all. I will do hidden journaling, but to ask me to do it VISIBLY no no...can't do it. Well, I did. I journalled. I journalled a LOT is the layout that I did...

Here is the journalng.....

You were wet....I mean WET from playing in the water,
and I needed to run up to the corner store.
You asked, "Mommy, can I go with you to the store?"
I said, "No, are soaking wet, son."
You thought about it a second and asked...
"What does "Soaking" mean?"
I smiled and told you that it means VERY~VERY wet.
Extremely wet...just as wet as you can get.
You were satisfied with the answer and you let me go to the store alone that day.

Fast Forward to today...
You had splashed and played and romped in the ocean
It was about 11:30 and not quite time for lunch,
but to you, lunch time was LONG past.
You came over to me and collapsed on the beach towel that I
Was sitting on and asked me, "Mom...when is lunch?"
I said, "I will get it out in just a few minutes. Go play
for a little while longer." You moaned and rolled
holding your stomach...and you said....

Thank you for taking a peek at my layouts! Have a fabulous Day!!!!