Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Exciting News! and a Flat Stanley Project...

I was invited to join the 2012 Quick Quotes Design Team!

Holy moly!  
Both announcements were made today...
Today was a MAJOR Day for me! ...and I am JUST NOW able to
 sit down at my computer and blog about it! LOL

Please head on over to both blogs and 
join me in welcoming the rest of my new team mates! 
There are some majorly talented ladies up in there!  

Now for Stanley...
I'm sure everyone has heard of the Flat Stanley guy...right?
Well, Skye brought one home the other day and we are supposed to send it to another state.  
Problem is, I have exactly TWO relatives that live out of state, and neither are very trust-worthy to return it in a timely manner so that it can be included in the district's Gifted & Talented Showcase.
I talked to Skye and all she kept saying is that she wanted to send her Stanley to where there is snow.

As fate would have it, I have made some pretty good friends
through scrap sites, design teams and Facebook.
One of those friends happens to live where it snows
AND I feel pretty confident that she would return Stanley to us.

So, I called her up and asked her if she would be up to
showing Stanley around WIsconsin, and she graciously accepted!
You are awesome and you made a little 6 year old very happy!

We will be sending him out today...I wanted to get a photo of Skye telling
him good bye before I ship him off to ya. :)

Thank you all for visiting me today, and I hope you have a FANTASTIC WEEK!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

CONGRATS on the new DT's! That is AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Kris Berc said...

Big congrats, Misty! Such fantastic and exciting news :) Michelle will do an amazing job with Flat Stanley, I just know it!

Adora Concepcion said...

congratulations!!! looking forward to be working with you!

Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

Congrats Misty! I'm so excited to be working with you!

Angi said...

Yay!!! Big Congrats to ya! :)

Michelle said...

Tell Skye we have some fresh snow that fell Sunday night early Monday morning (not much, but a little). Stanley will get to see snow. We are anxiously awaiting his arrival!! :)

Michelle said...

Congrats on your new DT positions!

Christine said...

Congrats on both your new endeavors looking forward to working with you!

Jan Hennings said...

HA...Love flat Stanley! Our kiddos did this in school and loved it!

Creative Cutter Room said...

Congratulations...excited to get to know you better on the Momenta D-Lite team. Cathie

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Congratulations...I'm d-lited to get to know you and looking forward to working with you!!

Elisabeth said...

Congratulations! That is great news indeed!
If you want your daughter can send Flat Stanley to us in Austria! We are used to doing it and my DD (6)loves it.
Just leave me a message on my blog.

Betty said...

Congrats on the 2 DT positions!!!! I love Flat Stanley!!!! Have a great day!!!

Bev said...

congrats.. and looking forward to working with you on Momenta.