Saturday, January 1, 2011


Today is the beginning of a new month, the beginning of a new year, and the beginning of a new DECADE. Yes...can you believe it has been a DECADE since the whole Millenium Scare??? A whole decade since we had the turn of the century!!??

As I sat last night with my family laughing, crying (happy tears), disagreeing loudly (LOL), goofing off, and in general doing what families do, I realized...I am so truly blessed. I LOVE my family. Not just my kids, not just my husband...ALL of them. Even my crazy Mother in self absorbed sister, Joe's bickering twin uncles, Joe's Aunt and Sister who happen to be 2 of my best friends, and the whole radical bunch. Without the nuts, what fun would it be??? Here are just a few nuts from Joe's family tree toasting to the new year.... It was a good night...and a good toast.
***The kids had sparkling cider***

Here is the typical New Year's Bon Fire. Down here, it is never REALLY cold...certainly not anything that a good bon fire won't warm up! This is Chance, Aubrie, and Dayne sitting by the fire listening to the "Tale Tales" that the men were all telling. You know how MEN are when they get together!!! LOL These kids laughed and listened...and they knew that half of what they heard was BS!!! LOL

Here is a small sampling of the fireworks that we set of last night. We are not in Houston City Limits, so we do not have laws regarding fireworks. Actually, on New Year's ad 4th of July, our little town gets BOMBARDED with people crossing the city limits to buy fireworks! LOL
We do use safety precautions when setting them off, and all kids have an adult or OLDER kid with them to help they have SAFE fun. I am a very protective Mom when lives are on the line!

And although I do not have a picture of it, Joe DID kiss me when the clock struck midnight! Well....after I was done snapping pictures.....he did wait patiently! LOL...This is not a picture of that night, but it is a picture of him WAITING FOR ME! lol

Today we had our dinner, made our resolutions and goals, and enjoyed being with each other. I am looking forward to 2011 with a very happy heart. Hope yours is Great!!!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeee the photos!! Looks like so much fun!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Michelle said...

Is he patiently, impatiently waiting??? LOL Such fun pics from New Years. No pics here. I don't even think I was up at midnight. Greg was in bed EARLY. I am glad you had a good time!!!!