Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Routine....

Well, the kids went back to school today...Joe went back to work yesterday, and we all went back to our "Regularly Scheduled Lives."

Tamon came into mine and Joe's room this morning and woke Joe up saying, "Hey Dad, it is 5 o'clock."
Joe responded with, "Yeah, so?" (his alarm doesn't go off till 5:30)
Tamon says, "Well, just wanted you to know. I am going to go now."

He walks away...down the hall ..... and out the front door. He is going to catch his bus.


I nudged Joe. "Hey...did he say he was going now?"
Joe says, "Yeah...so?"
"Joe, It is FIVE O'CLOCK! His bus doesn't run until 10 minutes after SIX!"
Joe laughed..."He'll figure it out"
"What! No! Go get him! He will be out there for over an hour!"
Joe laughed again... "He is just excited Mom. You didn't do the 'dry run' with them this year...he figured he would make up for it."
I burst out laughing. Refer to THIS POST to see what he was referring to.

>>>>He DID go get Tamon...who felt a little silly...but was thankful for an extra hour to EAT MORE BREAKFAST!!!!! Boys...I tell ya!

SO, at SIX O'clock, I told him...okay...you can go out to catch the bus now. He smiled. :)
Then Aubrie AND Dayne walk down the hallway. Both of them already dressed. !!!??? I don't usually get them up till 6:20, but ok. This works for me. No arguing on the first day back. How cool is that!!?? They ate, brushed teeth, and put on shoes before I would have normally gotten them out of bed. Chance and Skye on the other hand, had to be poked and prodded to get out of bed. Once up though, they were both all smiles and ready for the first day back. All in all, a good morning!

Oh...I captured this adorable photo...Skye with her "Bed Head" in all it's Glory this morning!

I now have to go and get back to MY regularly scheduled life. Basketball starts tonight...and me being a Director...I have a LOT of prep work for it. OH YEA. FUN. FUN. FUN. NOT!!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic day today!!!!


Michelle said...

Too funny that Tamon left an hour before the bus came!!! Of course he is going to eat more!! Teen aged boys are bottomless pits!!! LOL Love the pic of Skye with her bed head!! Brit... well, she was like Chance and Skye. She had to be prodded out of bed yesterday. Today.. was all good tho. We get jipped!!! We had a week for Christmas.. how do you all get TWO???

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Tooooooooooooo cute!!!! Love that photo!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Mireille said...

Gosh I sooo love that photo!! you HAVE to scrap that one!