Friday, December 31, 2010

Today is the LAST day of 2010. Tomorrow, when we wake up, it will be a BRAND NEW YEAR filled with new goals, new direction, and new possibilities. As I look at my kiddos and my husband, I ponder all of the things that I would have liked to have done, and haven't...all of the things I SHOULD have done and didn't, and all of the things that are still YET to come. Regardless of the "shoulda woulda coulda's" I am happy...content...even blissful. They make my life complete, and they make it full. I am thankful to have them.
Today, I will finish my blog posts dedicated to my children. I am putting Tamon and Chance together into one post...but they are ok with it. LOL.

These 2 guys are matter how old they get...they will always be my babies. And believe me...they are growing up so fast. Tamon is taller than me, heavier than me, and has bigger feet than me...but when he has a tummy ache...he is not too big to crawl up in Mommy's lap for comfort.

Chance is not really big in size, but his "Funny Bone" is HUMONGOUS! He makes us all laugh soooo much! Everything he says has sound effects, everything he does is in FAST FORWARD, and story he tells has some crazy far fetched ending...but usually TRUE! LOL. He is fun. He is funny. He is my Baby.

Tamon can quite easily be THE. BEST. BROTHER. EVER. I caught this unexpected moment one night...I heard him reading "The Frog Prince" to Skye...My heart did flip flops when I walked into the living room and saw this....

A few minutes later...this is what the scene looked like.....

I would have to say...those are better than any photo with Santa that I could have EVER gotten!!! (we did go, but Skye is impatient like we did NOT stay in that line!!!)

Chewy was asleep under the tree...where he was spending a LOT of his much that He peed on my tree skirt!!! Stinkin dog! So, I had to pull the skirt out from under the tree to wash it, and Chewy still wanted to be there. And Chance...well...he is the best Dog Sitter ever! LOL. He got the dog a pillow from HIS OWN BED to sleep on!

And...Chance could quite possibly be he BEST. HELPER. EVER. My tree is artificial. It is HUGE...10 feet tall and 5 feet wide. It is a LOT of work to assemble. A. LOT.
He helped me..from pulling the totes out of the attic, separating the limbs, getting the 8 foot ladder for me from Joe's shop, assembling, decorating and the finishing touches. He was there through it all. He is AWESOME. Chance is my "Right Hand Man" in soooooooo many instances. I would be lost without him!

AND...they are best friends. They are the "Half" to each other's "Whole". Yes, they each have other friends at school...but outside of school...where you see WILL see the other. They have a connection...a bond...a "Brotherly Love" that I hope will last them for the REST of their lives.

I hope you all have enjoyed learning a bit about my kiddos...and my REASON for scrapping! They are my everything. I thank God each day for them. >>>Tomorrow will be the beginning...hint hint<<<

Have a HAPPY and SAFE NEW YEAR!!!!!!!


Kris said...

Loved looking at all your beautiful photos, Misty!

Michelle said...

You truly, truly have a BEAUTIFUL family! I LOVE hearing stories about them, seeing your beautiful photos!! I have to say this again.. that tree is GORGEOUS!!!! A very Happy New Year from my home and family to yours!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeeeee these!!! You are truly blessed!!!! Happy New Year!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)