Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to school.....

FOR REAL this time! LOL

Yesterday, Monday, I TOTALLY thought that school was back in session. At 5:30, Tamon was up and dressed...ready by 6am. Dayne (my 7year old) was even up and ready! By 6:20...all the kids were out of bed and raring to go. Chance and Skye needed a little prodding, but they were up. Dayne even said to me..."Mom, I am ready to go to school and LEARN something!" How cute is that, right?
Well...7 am, we left the house. Normally, we don't leave the house until about 7:20, but Tamon had missed his bus (or so we thought). Well, we got to the schools and they seemed very empty for a Monday morning. Only a few cars in each parking lot...they were SHUT DOWN! Oh no! They go back on the 5th! LOL
So, I did what any respectable Mom would do in this situation, I went to jack In the Box and bought them all a Breakfast Jack for a "consolation" prize. They were not thrilled that they had to get up so early, but they were appeased with the food. CHANCE, however, was not happy AT ALL. He was the ONE that did NOT want to get out of bed!
When we got home, they were getting out of the truck and I said, "Great Job on the practice run this morning!" You all did great...let's do it again just like this tomorrow morning!"
They were not amused.
I heard about it for the rest of the day.

Fast Forward to today....
6:30 am and everyone is still in BED! Even Joe! LOL...WHAT HAPPENED!!!???
Tamon Really DID miss his bus and Joe had to take him. Aubrie was difficult and did not want to wear the only pair of jeans that I could find in her trash heap she calls a room, and Skye was not wanting to wear the clothes that SHE picked out last night! UGH!!!!
We got to school at 7:35...which is technically early, but Chance and Aubrie are on the Safety Patrol Team, which means that they are supposed to be there at 7:30.
Oh well....It was a "Back to School Monday" for real this time!

And now it is time for a January Reveal from SD4U! I used the "Honey I'm Home" collection to create these layouts...


Peggy said...

funny story Misty! love your layouts

Michelle said...

That is funny!!! I have done that to the girls.. gotten them up and ready for school, only to find they had a snow day! They were not happy either!! LOL I love your LO's.. Love that family one... must have missed that one on the SBD4U site!

Michelle said...

Yeah, Misty, it is crazy. People always ask if I planned it that way. No, wasn't planned that way. Just happened that way. You know tho, I wouldn't change it. I love still having little ones around instead of my last one graduating from HS soon.

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Lydia said...

Great layout, love that bella blvd.