Monday, December 6, 2010

My Birthday....

Was Saturday. I turned 34. year I will be 35!!! I remember when I thought "30 is OLD!" looking back...WHAT was I THINKING!!!??? I still feel just as young as ever...and with kiddos like mine...I will stay young forever!...providing that the old adage is true..."Laughter is the heart's best medicine"...or whatever it is.

My munchkins made me feel truly loved on Saturday. SO proud to be their Mama!!!
It started with Aubrie waking me with a gentle.."Good morning Mom. Happy Birthday"
I was NOT awake...but I guess she thought I needed to be. =) She then proceeded to give me a gift bag...and inside it was a bottle of perfume and a card. The perfume was not my normal...but it was picked out by it was PERFECT. It was vanilla fields...something that she bought with her OWN money. LOVE that girl! It smells really pretty, too! She did a good job.

Then, Chance made me a glass of diet coke for my birthday "cup of coffee" (I don't drink coffee so the Diet coke is my 'coffee') And Aubrie made me a bowl of strawberries and cream oatmeal. Skye and Dayne didn't realize it was my birthday until Tamon woke up and came into the kitchen and squeezed me till I couldn't breathe...singing Happy Birthday to me. THEN...they both climbed in my lap and did the same. Skye was upset that she didn't have a present to give to me...but I told her that "Skye Lovin's" are ALL I need for my gift. She gave me tons...all day long!!! LOVE that girl!

I had a scrapbook layout on my desk...and Tamon said that I am really talented. I said...not NEARLY as talented as some ladies on the internet! You all think my work is gorgeous...but if You ONLY saw the stuff on the internet..."
He replied with..."Well, you might not be as talented as them at scrapbooking...but I know one thing that NO ONE is better at than you." I asked, "What is that son."
He said..."Being a Mommy. You are the best. You have a LOT of talent in that area...and I can't think of a single person who could possibly be better than you. If God gives everyone a gift that they truly excel in...then your gift is being a Mom." I almost cried. LOVE that boy.

I ate my oatmeal and drank my diet coke and went to the shower. While I was in the munchkins made me a video on my laptop. It is Aubrie, Chance, Dayne, Skye, Tamon, and my niece Maddie. ***Disclaimer...Skye is holding an UNLOADED airsoft gun...they were playing cops and robbers...YES...I already asked how the gun came into the picture!!! LOLOLOL*****

I have watched it about forty times this weekend! I think my favorite part is Skye screaming "Happy New Year!!!" lol. Tamon gets cut off in the video upload...but on my version, he says..."What are you talking about Crazy girl" LOL. CRAZY is right! that girl keeps me laughing.

Throughout the day, they devoted their time to making me feel special. Aubrie mostly, but she coerced the others to help =) LOVE that girl! Tamon, Chance and Aubrie went into my shop and baked me some pumpkin spice muffins with toasted chopped walnuts on top. YUM!!! Yes..they were even gluten free so that I could EAT and ENJOY them without getting sick! LOVE those kids!

They made me a was leftovers, but hey, they heated it up, set the table, and even had candles!
Chance chased the ice cream man down to buy me a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar from Blue favorite! He said, I only have a few dollars Mom...but will this be a good birthday present???...and handed me the ice cream. YES! That was so perfect and thoughtful. LOVE that boy!

Dayne cleaned up the living room for me...he said he didn't have any money...but wanted to give me a gift. THAT was a perfect gift! LOVE that boy!

Aubrie wanted to use the muffins that they baked as my cake...since I can't eat a real cake. So...she set them up nice and pretty on one of my Pampered Chef serving platters with the stand, lit the candles on the table, gathered everyone, and they sang Happy Birthday to me. I smiled and cried at the same time. LOVE those kids!

Yes...I had a really super special Birthday. did not snow. NO...I did not get a super expensive gift. But what I did get is more precious to me than all the gold in the world. LOVE. MY. KIDS. And I thank God everyday for them.


Michelle said...

Oh Misty, that is SO MUCH better than any expensive gift!!! These come from the heart!! You sure did have a wonderful day!!! You have extraordinary kids!! You sure are a lucky mom!!! Glad I saw this!! I almost mailed you down some cookies for Christmas!! Have to find you something different. Sending them anyway.. the kids will enjoy them!! :) HUGS!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What an AWESOME Birthday!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)