Monday, November 9, 2009


wow...what a weekend! I spent most of it in the shop making cakes...but I did get some DT work done...I can't wait for the reveal!

TODAY IS CHANCE'S 11th BIRTHDAY!!! And I am going to go to school and have lunch with him. He requested a chili dog from Sonic with a Dr. Pepper. He is such a good easy to please! His Birthday dinner consisted of Joe B~B~Qing a brisket and ribs...which was not a stretch for Joe to do! I made some baked beans and macaroni and baked potatoes for him to go with it...and he ate ALL DAY LONG!!!! He was in "Birthday Dinner Heaven"~~Chance is such a laid back boy! I love him! Happy Birthday Chancey Wancy Fancy Pants!!! (that is what I call him to pick on him)

I will post a photo of his birthday lunch later when I get home. Have a great week everyone!!

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Barb P said...

Wow, sounds as though Chance had a great birthday dinner! Hope he had a good day. Love watching your slide show with the family pics. Thanks for stopping by my blog!