Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Son Shine.... is cheesy...I know! 
But he really is.  This kid makes me laugh ALL the flippin' time! 
He has a fantastic sense of humor...can't IMAGINE where he could have inherited THAT from!!!  LOL (wink wink)  He is just like me!
He definitely makes me happy when skies are gray!!!  

I used the Fancy Pants "Beach Bum" line for this one...
and i kinda gave it a little twist.
Not the typical layout one would expect from this least I hope not!
Notice the "LOOK" he is giving me?
He is cutting those eyes at me and actually saying,
"Is THIS the look you want? >>>How about THIS?  OR THIS?"
and he kept giving me funky looks...
I actually got 2 decent ones from the 25 I took!!!!
he HATES to get his picture taken, so he makes it as uncomfortable for ME as it is for him! 
BRAT.  That is all.  BRAT.  LOL


Auntie Em said...

Love your LO! (Those Son shines grow up way too fast!)I like the popped up clouds and sun.
Thanks for sharing! :)

Michelle said...

I love these photos of Tamon!!! I love your LO!! So so wonderful!

Michelle said...

Love this! Such a cool masculine page!

Elisabeth said...

So cute! I would have never expected this from this line. Love your title, too! They always complain about us taking pictures, but in a few years, when it is his turn to be a Daddy, he will be thankful!