Sunday, October 3, 2010

OcTObeR 2nD!!!

Today was a great day overall...I took the kids to a "Pumpkin Patch" which actually turned out to be a Gardening Nursery that just had spread their fresh load of pumpkins out all over the front half of the property and decorated a bit. It was ok, though, because I got pictures! Good ones, too!

Here they are, walking towards the entrance...Notice the tails?? They just HAD to wear them today! I bought them as the RenFaire last year, and they wore them for a day and then forgot about them. As 5 year olds typically do, Skye found her lost tail, and decided it was what she had to wear today...and Aubrie agreed. So, together they walked, together they stayed, together they got a LOT of smiles and adoring looks, and an occasional compliment of how cute their tails were. I called them my "Foxy Freaks"!! LOL. They had fun, so that is all that mattered!

Here was the cute display at the entrance. Skye decided she NEEDED a baby we got one for her...she chose the speckled one.

And my "13 going on 18" year old...Tamon. He casually sat on the nearest bench and didn't bugde the entire time unless it was to pick on Chance.

And Chance...getting so grown up! He enjoyed looking at all the pumpkins!

Dayne wasn't as enthusiastic, but he did have fun. He is not much on taking pictures, though...he is always difficult to coerce a smile from!

And Skye...always the little "Ham"! She had a ton of fun! Her and Aubrie took full advantage of everything that was being offerd, and they colored pumpkin coloring pages, made a jack-o-lantern bag, and 'attempted' to get their faces painted, but the line was super long and we got tired of waiting. I talked them into letting me paint their faces, and they agreed. SOOOO That is on the agenda for Sunday.

Aubrie is very particular, so she had to inspect the quality of every pumpkin. She would reject it for the slightest dent, ding or mis shapen spot. I finally convinced her that NO pumpkin grows perfect...and that we will have to find one that we will love FOR it's imperfections...just like I love her. She smiled and said..."And I love you for yours!" Yep...she is one of the brighter crayons in the box! LOL

My "Foxy Freaks" checking out all of the pumpkins on display...trying to find just the perfect one!

And here they all are. You notice the boy in the back? That is my nephew. He has come to live with us now...and this was the ONLY photo I could talk him into letting me take with him!

So, when we were done, I ended up only buying one big pumpkin and a baby pumpkin, because, according to Skye, the "Mama Punkin needs a baby!" LOL. So, we got Skye's baby pumpkin to go with the big one and we headed home. Aubrie decided that she wants to decorate the front porch, so I am going to let her! I will take pictures when she is finished. =)


Michelle said...

Gosh girlie... do ya ever sleep?? Looks like you were up mighty late!! LOL CUTE photos!! I love the looks on the boys' faces!!! The girls are so funny - love the tails!! Glad you all had a good time!! I can't wait to see the porch! I want some mums and a hay bale for my little porch. Right now, it has corn stalks with one of those scarecrows from M's zip tied to it!! Love your fun blog background!!! :D

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

what a fun time!! LOVING all the photos! :):):):):):):):):)