Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bella, Baby!

So, remember back when I said I was chosen to be a Bella Artista? Well...October was my month to be featured. Due to a very heartbreaking event within the Bella family, the Artista Features were put on hold.

This week, as they try to move back into functioning in everyday tasks, the Bella Blog has decided to feature all 3 Artistas TOGETHER! How SUPER COOL is that! You can see me on todays and yesterdays features on the Bella Blog, but here are the first 2 projects that are shown.....I will show the rest as they feature on the blog.

This first one was done with a sketch that The Bella Babes team provided to me. I LOVE LOVE LOVED this sketch the second I saw it. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!...........................

I made a Quilt! Actually, I featured a photo of my Granny making a quilt...and just used my Bella papers to do a "mock" quilt on the layout. I made the patchwork squares to resemble an old style quilt...as she would have done...and I even used ribbon to "hang" it on a "quilt rack"!! This sketch was soooo inspiring! Oh...and those little white flowers....Made 'em! I used the medium and small retro flower punches to aide me in my creative process in designing these little flowers! Watch for a tutorial on them soon!

And for this one...I had to do a layout to show....well...me. I did this one using all of the texting blurbs....and to show how I LOATHE texting! I much prefer the old fashioned way of picking up a stinkin' phone if you need to contact me! Even as much as I hate the phone...I hate texting more! LOL...but I know that I MUST learn...because with as many kids as this chick has....I will be a texting kinda mama before I know it!

Well...thank you all for checking it out today! I will have more to post as they are featured on the Bella Blog! Have a FANTABULOUS Day!!!!


laterg8r said...

that quilt is genius and i looove the txt talk :D

Michelle said...

Oh gosh, Misty!! I agree!! That quilt LO is GENIUS!!! It is SO beautiful!!!! The texting one is so fun!!!! I love them both!!!

Taj White said...

wow misty, you rocked these lines. The first one of your grannies quilts is so soft and warm, I love it. and the second is so modern and rockin!! wonderful work and congrats!!

Cassie said...

Both of these layouts are amazing!!!
I would love it of you linked them both up at our Party!!!