Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top Ten in 2009...

I got an idea from my super talented friend Lady Grace that I just HAVE to follow through with. She suggested posting your personal TOP TEN favorites of your own work in 2009...kind of a year in review. I LOVE that idea! I have over 200 layouts this year...so it will NOT be an easy thing to capture in TEN favorites...but I will try.
I will be posting a few a day...ending with the last one on New Years Day...2010. I will be posting the top ten...One from each month...so bare with me...because I have grown TREMENDOUSLY as a scrapper form January until now. Keep in mind these are not my top ten best...they are my top ten favorites MONTH BY MONTH...for 2009.
We are going to start with January, February and March.

Here is JANUARY's layout. After a 2 year hiatus of not scrapping at all...I decided it was time to scrapbook. I dove into Scrapbook.com and gained tons of inspiration... learned that there were things like bling and flowers out now! WOW!
I set my goal...20 layouts a month for the entire year...and I started. This was done with a map from Pagemaps.com. an inspired by the Jamey Johnson song...You Should Have Seen it in Color.

Here is February...I am not sure that this one was done in February..because in the early part of the year I was not keeping track of my layouts. This one was inspired by a challenge on SB.com...It was a questionaire for each of my kids to answer about their thoughts of me. I LOVED reading the answers...and it is very dear to my heart. Obviously...after the discovery of blossoms and bling...I got hooked!

Here is March...obviously. This is my 2 beautiful daughters smooching at me in the photo. I LOVE this one...because I HATE the color green...but it looks great here for some reason. This is my 3rd month into 2009 and I think you can see that I have already grown a bit in my scrapping. I have used my cricut...infused some embellies...inked... and I even used a paper with a bit of a pattern instead of JUST PLAIN card stock! WOW!

Ok...so these are my #10, 9 and 8 favorites. Tomorrow I will introduce #7,6, and 5...those will be tough...so I have to get busy narrowing down my layouts through June!
Please pop in again tomorrow for the next 3! Thanks for stopping by!


Peggy said...

great choices Misty - love your layouts too.

LG said...

oooh cool idea about the month per month favorites! I am loving what Im seeing right now, they are all gorgeous and very special in its own way.

Cant wait to see the next batch Misty. Great choices so far!

A Sarasota said...

Misty, great idea and BeeYootiful LOs! Love the smoochy one!