Sunday, August 23, 2009

Twas the night before "The 1st Day" of school

And all through the house, the kids were all giddy and scampering like a mouse!
Aubrie is dancing and humming a tune, Skye is bouncing around crazy as a loon!
I finally got them bathed and tucked in their beds, with visions of school clothes and back packs dancing in their heads.
Tamon is "cool" and too old for all that...but he still said "Good night Mommy" as I gave him a pat.
Dayne has his clothes picked and Chance has his too...And you thought only girls were clothes savvy...HA!....fooled you!
Now I sit here pondering my day, and there area few thoughts that I'd like to share with you...if I may.

My kiddos are all growing, faster than I'd like...they can ALL tie their own shoes...and even ride a bike.
The babies they once were...are forever gone away...and I am watching them grow...faster each day.
My time with them is dwindling, their dependence upon me is almost null.
But life with five kids...will NEVER be dull!

I thank the Lord for my blessings and the gifts He has bestowed...for Life is a treasure, just waiting to unfold.
My kiddos are now sleeping, and tomorrow when they wake, the chaos will start all over again for goodness sake!
But I will cherish those moments, and savor them all...for my kids are my LIFE...and I love them ALL.

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