Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back from Brazos Bend

WHAT a FABULOUS weekend in the woods! We took the kids camping over the weekend to Brazos Bend and OMG!!! We saw alligators up close and personal, fought with raccoons who kept trying to steal our food, and I got a TON of gorgeous pictures of the kids!!! I took over 400 photos, and I can't decide which ones to scrap first. We roasted marshmallows, took nature hikes, rode bikes down the hills, and I even snuck in some photos of Skye kissing Daddy and all of the kids taking a break from the heat and spraying one another with the water hose. I can't wait to get my DT kits....and I am sooo hoping they will work for a few of these pics! I am already imagining some October Afternoon "Cherry Hill"...or even some 3 Bugs "Spread your Wings"...the nature photos would work with either!! really doesn't matter, because I will LOVE whatever supplies I get and make them work with my fabulous Photos! I have to download some pictures...but I will try to get that done within the next few days. Just be prepared for some Brazos Bend layouts in my near future!!

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