Saturday, March 23, 2013

It Is Officially SPRING!

And down here in Texas, it truly feels like it. 
Now I know, some of you up north probably think I am saying
 "Nana Nana HA~HA"'re right! 
 It feels sooooo good down here right now... the sun is shining and the
 the birds are chirping and the green leaves are starting to bud.  
(Sorry My friend Michelle... and all you northerners!)

It is finally my turn to share a project for the week-long 
Peechy Keen~Really Reasonable Ribbon Swap.
In honor of the Gorgeous Spring that is upon us here in Texas, 
I created a little altered project that I call:
"The Flowers in my Garden"

I started with the Peechy Keen Funny Flowers and 
Lady Bug stamps for this flower box.  
I used water color pencils to color them in and I glazed 
over the tops with crystal stickles.  I used mini 
2x2 photos of my kiddos to create little "seed packets" to go in the garden, too.
All my flowers and seed packets got hot glued to lollipop sticks that I had
 inked green or wrapped with green floral tape.  
I gave the flowers little "bow ties" using the March Ribbon Club assortment.
I created the grass using 1.5 inch moss jute ribbon and
 the soil using the 1.5 inch ivory jute ribbon.
I wrapped the whole flower box with one of my all time FAVES....
1.5 inch red gingham ribbon topped with natural hemp and and a button. 

I sure hope you enjoyed my little flower garden! 
Consider it my little "gift of spring" to all you up north! 
Have a WONDERFUL weekend! 
Don't forget there is are two $25 gift certificates up for grabs this week.  Comment on all the blog posts on The REALLY REASONABLE RAMBLINGS BLOG between 3-16 and 3-23 for a chance to win a $25 Really Reasonable Ribbon Gift Certificate and head over to thePeachy Keen Stamps Blog and comment on their posts too for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate for Peachy Keen Stamps!!
So head on over and start commenting!


quilt4fun2 said...

Your flower garden is a clever idea and so cute! The little Peachy flowers and bugs are perfect. The gingham, buttons, twine and ribbons are great accents to your garden. Love the doodling on your packets too. Great job! Wonderful hop!
quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

Michelle said...

This is really really cute! I love it!! And hey... it is a heat wave here! It's going on 11am and it is 28 degrees!! Going for a high of 35! LOL Oh but there is snow in the forecast. Winter just doesn't want to leave these parts. Go ahead and razz me. I still chuckle about the last time you did. ;) I think you jinxed yourself that time. :)

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laurabeth1976 said...

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