Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Welcome to the National No Housework Day Online Blog hop!
If you have arrived not knowing until now about the hop,
no problem...just go back to
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where this hop starts and work your way through. You may find games, prizes, projects and how do-you-dos along the path :)

Here is the Full list of participating blogs:  You have the entire weekend to hop to them all...good luck and have fun!

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If you have arrived at my blog from Artful Delight
Then you are right on track! 
I certainly hope you enjoyed that stop and the others so far!!!

I decided to "Celebrate" this Holiday with a little
Apron Shaped card:
The front pocket holds a packet of Lipton Tea (My FAVE!).
On the inside, the card reads...

...Is merely a Cape worn
Snip the strings,
Sip Your tea,
And take the Day off! The dust bunnies aren't going anywhere!
Enjoy Your Day!

I am sure that we all deserve a day off!  TODAY IS THAT DAY!
Kick your feet up and relax!
Oh...and I thought I would share a little horror story with you about one of my first house cleaning experiences.....


Soooooo.....When hubby and I bought our first home, it was "second hand" and thought I would do a DEEEEEEP cleaning on everything. I didn't want the germs of the previous tenants. So I set to work.  Sweeping, mopping scrubbing walls and ceiling fans...then I got to the bathroom.
YUCK.  The Bathroom. The thought of another person's butt on my toilet.... still makes me cringe. I wanted that room CLEAN.
I dumped Snow Bowl toilet cleaner into the toilet, and then thought...Hmmm....what if I add some bleach?  Bleach kills will get REALLY white!  
Genius that I thought I was, added about a half a cup of bleach, and a CLOUD of smoke poofed out of the a chemistry experiment!  I jumped back...just in time to avoid getting it all over my feet!  LOL.  I literally caused a chemical reaction in my TOILET!!!!   There was white foam ALL over my bathroom floor!  I had to go out and close the door because the fumes were overwhelming!  LOL
Needless to say...I learned to read labels and WARNINGS!  I never mixed bleach with ANYTHING again! 
Yes...the toilet was sparkling white, as was my freaked me out!  :)  


Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
And guess what!!!  I am offering my own RAK of goodies today!!!
All you have to do is become a follower of my blog and leave me a comment sharing a funny lesson or a horror story
of your own about cleaning the house! 
I will select the winner at the end of the hop and I will announce it here and it will also be announced at
If It's Groovy
Thanks for your visit, please head over to see Designs by Diana
Thanks for stopping by today, and Have a Fantabulous Weekend!

Below are a few of my favorite quotes just for laughs...


* This house is protected by killer dust bunnies. - Anonymous

* Dust is just a country accent. - Anonymous

* If the shelves are dusty and the pots don't shine, it's because I have better things to do with my time. - Anonymous

* Please don't feed the dust bunnies. - Anonymous

* This mess is a place! - Anonymous

* They're sure housework won't kill you, but why take the risk? - Anonymous

* A clean house is the sign of a boring person. - Anonymous

* My theory on housework is, if the item doesn't multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you? - Erma Bombeck

* This is a honeydew day. That is when you get a day off and the wife says, "Honey, do this," and "Honey, do that" around the house. - Jim Lemon

* My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. - Anonymous
Housework, if it is done right, can kill you. - John Skow

* There was no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn't get any worse. - Quentin Crisp, The Naked Civil Servant, 1968

* I'm not going to vacuum until Sears makes one you can ride on. - Roseanne Barr, comedian

* Don't cook. Don't clean. No man will ever make love to a woman because she waxed the linoleum - "My God, the floor's immaculate. Lie down, you hot bitch." - Joan Rivers, comedian

* Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing. - Phyllis Diller, comedian, Phyllis Diller's Housekeeping Hints, 1966

* My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint. - Erma Bombeck, comedian

Have a fantastic Day...and enjoy your weekend!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeee that apron... and your toilet story is FUNNY!!! LOL!! And loving those house cleaning quotes! tooooooo cute! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Kristine Berc said...

OMG what an incredibly adorable and creative card! and your toilet story is hilarious :D

mish said...

The Apron card is too cute! The toilet story is funny! Well, my more recent funny housework story was when I pulled my husband's sock out of the dryer. I know I had put in somewhat white & gray colored socks. Well they came out looking like "Bozo the Clowns Socks!" Apparently, my husband grabbed a bunch of crayons from my 1 year old son, who was putting them in his mouth. Of course, he stuck them in his pockets and forgot about it! So, the dryer gave him a reminder!

Groovy Deborah said...

Misty that apron is so adorable! The lace is just a perfect touch, and that quote THAT is awesome! A cape, literally giggling over here...of course it is 3am and I have been hopping since 12 when the blog hop started and I *may* be just a little ready for bed and getting silly from sleep deprivation, haha! Still your project rules!

Now about that bleach...hard lesson to learn! I LOL at the thought of the previous tenants' butts being on that toilet so you might like that when I move into a new place I buy a new toilet seat, True!

Happy hopping!

From The Owls' Nest said...

peeing my pants over here with some of those quotes....LOVE it!!
Your apron card is beautiful.

Diana said...

Your apron card is great. I like the colors. Thanks for the inspiration and the fun blog hop.

Erica said...

That card is adorable! I LOVE the saying on it too!

Michelle said...

Love the card!!!! And I love the story about the chemical reaction!!!

Peachy Laura said...

Love your Apron card, just too cool!
Love that you are hopping with us and hop that you will stop by my blog on the list and play my game as well!
Happy Hopping!

Krista said...

very cute card! but i love the story about your toilet experiment!!

Nicole said...

That has to be one of the nicest most original cards ever! Thank you so much for the inspiration! Now... hmmm... your story sure made me laugh and it reminded me of a little mishap my boyfriend and i had when we first moved in our apartment. When hooking up our new washer, we forgot to link the hose in its proper place, so when we decided to do a test wash... a few minutes later, there was soapy water ALL OVER THE FLOORS!

Power Washing Nantucket said...

thanks for these ideas in cleaning our appliances ! I would try this at home!

Marci said...

Great quotes...and for the reminder about mixing chemicals!!!

Lillian Child said...

Great story. Great quotes! Thanks for sharing some smiles with us!

EverydayMe said...

love the apron... and all those quotes... too fun!!! and that toilet story... so funny..... love it...
{{hugs}} Michelle

Anonymous said...

Fantastic card! Funny lessons and quotes!

Kaitlin said...

Your apron is SO cute!:)


Karen L said...

Love that apron card....and the saying about it being a cape put on backwards..hee hee!
I am a follower..and my story is really a warning. when my daughter was about 6 years old, she thought she would help us clean house for company and , unbeknownst to us, she used furniture polish to polish the stairs. hubby took a flying leap off those stairs...and thankfully didn't get hurt!

photochic said...

Cute apron! One time I was sorting out some clothes and a BIG spider crawled out!! I am deathly afraid of spiders, but I killed it. I didn't want that thing roaming around the room!

Lucila Ortega said...

I'm from Colombia and my name is lucila ortega, in my country do not celebrate this day, I want to win my first award for scrap, the activity that is hate cooking and do not speak English sorry for the translation, my horror story is that utiliza20 my husband washes the clothes and when you're away I do not know what to do, not be used for each garment

Maya said...

Adorable card, Misty! So cute!

KarenB said...

Oh I love that apron card and the sentiment that goes with it :) Your toilet story made me laugh out loud! I once knocked over a bowl of pancake mix - it dripped over the side of the kitchen bench and took me hours to clean up all the mixture off the cupboards and floor!

chignon said...

You have some terrific quotes about house cleaning, it was just the laugh I needed before diving into my Sat. cleaning time :) Funny cleaning story was told to me as a warning...don't use pledge on your wood floors or you'll end up with a slippery, fall-on-your-face surface!

Sue said...

Love the card!!! Great job!!!

Jean-Marie said...

LOL!!! Your story is so funny!!! Although I'll bet it was scary at the time!!
I was using ammonia and water one summer day to clean the fireplace insert windows (no fire for months!) When I went in the kitchen to put away the cleaning supplies, I heard a horrific Shattering sound. I ran in to find the windows completely shattered into tiny pieces that were crackling and twitching on the floor as if they were mexican jumping beans!!!! Freaky!

Heather said...

Beautiful blog!!! Love the story and the apron is adorable! Love the cape!!!!

I started to clean our gorgeous wooden handrail of the stairs that go are upstairs right after we moved into this house. Don't remember what I used, but it took the stain/varnish right off!! At the time, I just thought it was looking clean. Got it about 1/2 way done before I realized what it was doing!!!

Anonymous said...

I lve your story! I guess I would have to say that USING BLEACH is dangerous! How many shirts do I have with bleach splashes? At lest the black ones I can fill in with a sharpie. Bleached my Kitchen floor once and had a child walk through and track some bleach on the carpet leaving little bleach foot prints(spots) on the carpet:) Ahhh gott love being a DOMESTIC GODDESS!! I will gladly be a new follower! Your blog is AWESOME!!

Donna said...

Love your blog, quotes, story and apron!! I am now a follower. I had a similar toilet cleaning experience. I poured some ammonia in, it did not seem like it was doing much, so I poured some bleach in... I barely made it out of the bathroom - valuable lesson learned. Donna Woods Fiskateer 6036

Viji Siddharth said...

Loved the quotes!!! I am a new follower! Love the story and the apron!! Thing I learnt the hard way!!!... Do not put the dish soap in the dishwasher!!!!!!!!!! You end with some major bubbles;) and you have to spends hours cleaning up!!!!

Just call me Vic said...

Thank you for sharing!! Housework may not kill me but why take a chance!

Marianne - Fiskateer #6701 said...

I remember when I was a kid mopping a floor with Ajax - a lot of it - sprinkled all over. The film was pretty hard to get off of there!

I enjoyed you post. The quotes were fun and I loved your story. I am going to keep your apron card in mind.

kellyisascrapdiva said...

That apron is soooooooooo cute! I became a follower, thanks for being a part of the blog hop!

Marcy S. said...

I loved the apron and the saying. I am a new follower. My funniest story is when I was about 7, my mom had me cleaning the tube (she started us young, maybe that is why I hate it now, lol), it was one of those old claw tube and I couldn't get the ring out and when I told her she told me to use "elbow grease" being just 7 I asked her, "where is it, under the cabinet". I don't think I will ever forget that story. Thanks for making me laugh tonight and the chance to win some great blog candy.

Marcy S.
m dot serrano at live dot com

♥Silvana♥ said...

Very cute apron card!!!!!and ypur toilet stry is really fun still laugthing and you had make me think I always mix bleach with other cleaners but maybe is to little that's way i havent had a reaccion yet better stop =}
I like to use the bush in the vacumm instead of dusting =) and a couple of thing I have vacumm by accident things that are important and guess what have to get then from the bag yuckkkkk

Thnkas for sharing your projects, and the chance to win some goddies I just become your follower =)

PixiesDelight said...

I did a very similar thing only it was scrubbing the bathtub. OMG seriously it was awful, a cloud of toxic smoke!

Juliana T said...

I became a follower..I love your blog! the apron card is awesome and I love the quotes. I got a few chuckles from those.

Juliana T said...

I forgot to leave a story..don't really have a horror story, but one time in moving out of an apartment, my Dad helped me clean the greasy stuck on stuff from the oven with ammonia..came so clean I was shocked!!

Viviana Jara (Chile) said...

Your apron card is great!!!!!! :) :) I like the colors. Thanks for the inspiration and the fun blog hop!!!!!!!!

stampinlara said...

your card is ADORABLE!

when my mom bought her house years ago we did the same thing... scrub scrub srcub, the house had been empty for about a year. Imagine our surprise when were standing in the kitchen talking and a MOUSE creeped into the room. We both started screaming... I think the mouse was too. His little feet couldn't get him out of that room fast enough! We still laugh about it...
Thanks for sharing your story, how FUNNY!
stampinlara at yahoo dot com

Darlene S. said...

How funny is your whole post. I found myself snickering the whole way through! :))

I am so grossed out by SCRUBBING the inside of the toilet bowls or having to ::GASP:: plunge the toilet. Can I say EWW!!! I mean we poo and pee in there for goodness sakes! I will avoid those tasks at all costs!!! Actually, my secret confession is that I don't actually do those things at all. I'll spray some cleaner in the bowl, no problem, but I am NOT touching the scrub brush or plunger! Double EWW. LOL

Thanks for sharing your funny story and those extra funny quotes! :))

Darlene S. said...

I am a new follower of your awesome blog! Your style is so pretty!

Thanks for the chance!

Crafty Diva said...

Great cleaning story! I love the apron card. I've been wanting to do one myself and I think I'm going to steal your idea! Following, but no great story myself!

Jana said...

I love that apron - such a sweet project!!!!!