Friday, April 1, 2011

Fabulous Friday?


My layout with the "Max & Mollie" collection is featured
Go check it out!
Oh...and Nikki and Bobi and Renee from Clip-It-Up have teamed up and
They are doing a GIVE-WAY, TOO!!!!! have to go over to the Nikki Sivil's Blog! and 
check it out for all the details!

I also have a few layouts to share today.
I am hosting the "Scrap Lift" challenge over at Scrapbook Daisies .
This month, I chose to lift Michelle...I love her clean lines and style...and I LOVE her titles!
I lifted a combination of 2 of her layouts to get this one...
This is my 14 year old, Tamon. 
I can NOT BELIEVE how much he has grown.  The difference here is almost exactly 11 years... but it looks like so much more.  I can't believe that he is going to be a Freshman in High School in only a few short months.  WOW.  Time Flies. 

I am also hosting the Book Of  Me challenge...
This month, the assignment is "Pieces of Me"
Here is what I did as My example...
These 5 kids make up the most important pieces of ME. 
Before them, I didn't know anything was missing. life would be incomplete without them.
They are my EVERYTHING.

Oh...and here is a glimpse of what my girls have been insisting I do every day this week....
I think they like the attention that they are getting at school with their "COOL" hair-do's.  Skye came home wanting a braid because her friend at school had one and she liked it.  Aubrie...upon seeing Skye's braid...decided she wanted one, too. So, I have been a braiding Mama all week long.  I have learned...
1.  it takes more than 30 minutes to french braid doubles into two girls' hair.
 BUT....  it only  takes 30 seconds for a rotten brother to mess it up.

2.  Girls love for Mama to make them pretty....
BUT....they love it more when Daddy notices. 

3.  A 10 year old red head is gorgeous when she looks "girly"....
BUT...don't make the mistake of telling HER that!  "GIRLY" is not a word that is in her vocabulary!

Well....Thanks for checking in in me today!!!  DON'T FORGET to head over to the Nikki Sivils blog and check out the Give-Away! Oh...and it is her BIRTHDAY weekend!!!  Be sure to leave her some Birthday Lovin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a Fantastic Weekend!~


Michelle said...

Too funny about Aubrie not liking the girly comments!! LOVE your pages!!! As always, great work!!

Mara... said...

Beautiful pages!!! And I love the braids, i've been trying to french braid my daughter's hair but I stink at it. I need more practice and my DD doesn't want to sit still that long. Ha ha!