Sunday, May 9, 2010

Feisty Red Head??

Do you think the old saying about Red Heads is true?? Well, if you don't...think again. Yesterday, I got a phone call from my Sister in Law telling me that there had been an "altercation". Now...I am working in my shop and delivering cakes while my family is at a BBQ cook off.

Of course, the first thing I think is that my hubby has gotten a little few too many beers and gotten mouthy with the wrong person. Don't get me wrong...he is a GREAT person...just a little outspoken...especially when beer is involved.

Well, I was wrong...come to find out...Joe wasn't even drinking!!

Oh no...the altercation was with my Little Red Headed 9 year old "Spit~Fire" and a little girl who thought she could push Aubrie around.
Apparently, this little girl was being mean and making ugly noises and guestures toward Aubrie. Aubrie, being the better person, attempted to make friends with the little girl. The girl decided that friends was not on her agenda, and drew her fist back as if she were about to punch Aubrie. Well, Aubrie drew hers back in defense. The girl swung at Aubrie, who stepped backward and dodged the blow...and at the same time, swung at the girl and made a dead on connection with her cheek bone.

My daughter has three brothers. Enough said.

Aubrie, who is not a fighter, turned and left the park...and went back to where my hubby and SIL were at. They saw that she was crying and very upset, but she would not tell them what was wrong. About 3 minutes later, a constable shows up along with 20 kids pointing my daughter out shouting "THAT'S Her...That's The girl that hit her!"

The constable made all the other kids leave, and asked to talk to Aubrie. My husband said sure. Aubrie was so upset, that she couldn't talk at first. The officer asked her if she had hit the girl and Aubrie nodded yes. Then he asked did the girl hit her...Aubrie said No. Then he asked why did she hit the other girl then. Aubrie looked up at him with tears streaming down her face and said..."they were all being mean to me. They were making fun of me because I am not from this school...I am from New Caney. They started making cat noises at me...but I tried to make friends with them...and that girl swung at me to hit me. I stepped backwards and I dodged her hit...but my instincts made me swing at her...I didn't even mean to hit her, but I did. I'm sorry. I just had enough of them being mean to me." At this point she was sobbing so hard that it was hard to understand her.

The officer told her that it is ok...It sounded to him like the other little girl got what she deserved. He patted her back and told her to calm down, that she is not in trouble...and that he was proud of her for defending herself. He explained to her that he just has to get both sides of the story...and that she is not in any trouble. He shook my husbands hand and told him that he has a good little girl there...and walked away.

Yes...We do have a good little girl. My kids have been taught to NOT start a fight...but NEVER let someone push you around. If someone starts a fight, they will not get n trouble for defending themselves. I will go to "BAT" for my kids on something like this every time...whether at school or not. I will not reprimand my kids for defending themselves.

I am so thankful that the officer stood by what was right, and reaffirmed this little bit of teaching. He just made it even more clear that it is ok to defend yourself.

With all of the "Mean Girls" and "Bad Boys" that have swept the school system, I want my kids to know that defending themselves is not only is a must.

I am proud of my daughter. I am proud that she stood up for herself. I am proud that once she hit the girl once...she did not continue...she simply walked away and turned the other cheek. I am proud of who she is. At least I know that I am doing SOMETHING right as a mother...

LORD HELP ME once she hits high school though!!!!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Good for her!!! With all the bullying stories that we have been hearing...good for your daughter standing up to one!! I'm glad that the constable was able to see that too! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Michelle said...

Good for her, Misty!! Yes, you are doing a great job. I have always told my kids the same thing. Kids can be so cruel!

Adrienne Pierce said...

I have the biggest smile on my face as if Aubrie was my child!!! I commend you to the HIGHEST for teaching her it is OK to defend yourself, we to believe you should never raise a fist in anger but to defend your "worth". I am sorry she had to suffer teasing, it is something that no one should ever have to go through but it speaks VOLUMES that she tried to befriend them not only about your teaching, but about her character...she didn't have to "learn or accept" what you taught her, but she did! She is going to be a wonderful lady and I don't think you will have a problem in high school! SHe will make you proud just like she did here!