Saturday, February 9, 2013

Photo Mojo

So, I am a little late posting this, but better late than never right!!!
This week, I want you to focus on texting. 
No...not texting with your phones! 
I want you to choose a photo, new or old, and add text to it.
I LOVE adding quotes or sayings to my photos.  
Sometimes, I feel like the true meaning of the photo is conveyed better 
through a little quote added directly to it.

Below are a few of my photos that have had text added to them.

Each photo is unique in itself, but once I added the thought or quote, it helped you the viewer to better understand and get a better feel of what I am trying to convey through my shot. 

My challenge to you is to add text to your own photo this week! 
Come over to Back Porch Memories and join us in the Photo Mojo Challenges, and play along with the others as well! 

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Wee Von said...

I love your door hanger. what a great idea and it's very pretty. Your bow is outstanding for your daughters hair. Love it!