Friday, February 24, 2012

Simple Book Mark....

Sometimes, we do need to sit back and just SIMPLIFY.
My kids do that a lot.
 They indulge themselves in books for HOURS on end.
With 5 kids reading constantly, there comes a need for bookmarks.
LOTS & LOTS of bookmarks!
When Aubrie came home from school today and says,
"Mom, I need a book mark"...
she knew that I was going to tell her to pick her paper and ribbon and I will make one.
Aubrie chose her Momenta papers and Really Reasonable Ribbons...

She told me, NO flowers and NO Bling!
LOL...she is NOT a girly girl like her Mama! 
So...given the materials and the "Guidelines"
I decided on a super simple design for her bookmark.
Here is what I put together for her:

This is the Front side and the photo below is the back side.
For this super simple book mark, You will use 2 sheets of heavy cardstock 
cut 6x2.
You will then cut your ribbons to your desired length and you will 
hot glue them in BETWEEN the 2 sheets of cardstock. 
Be careful not to layer too much, because it does increase the thickness of the book mark.

You will then hotglue the 2 sheets together and viola! Super Simple Bookmark!
All you have to do is embellish it!

Aubrie loved this book mark, and made a few more for her friends by herself.
This is a super easy craft project to make with kids...especially since spring break is coming soon and they will be home and BORED!
Oh...and don't foret about the long summer ahead!

Believe me when I say that my kids will be making MANY book marks this summer.
We may even donate some to our library
for the youth Summer Reading Program. :)
Thank you for visiting today!
I hope you all get a chance to make some of these bookmarks with your little ones!

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Ellen said...

Misty thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving some love! I am now a follower of yours :D

Did you say five (5) kids??? Really how on earth do you find the time to craft and blog?

I adore that cute bookmark. It may not be girlie but it sure says "all girl" to me.