Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So...Our first six weeks of school are done and over...and I have to say, I am a proud Mama. Dayne and Chance both got straight "A"s, Aubrie and Tamon both got "A~B" and Skye has mastered every objective presented in her Pre~K class.
I want to share a few things that I learned this week about my kiddos...

Skye is very enthusiastic and determined...and has every single person in that school wrapped around her little finger. It helps that they all knew me before I got pregnant with her AND they all have oogled over her since she was only days old. Kay Livingston is her biggest fan...and I think Skye is Kay's biggest fan in return! It is not odd to see my 4 year old run into the front office hugging and kissing on Kay Livingston. We love Kay!

Dayne is....well....Dayne. His vocabulary and language usage far surpasses that of a normal 7 year old kid in first grade. He is the talk of the teachers and everyonechit chats about how intelligent he is. I enjoy my conversations (in depth conversations) with my little boy. He is so very insightful. I love him dearly. I have already learned that the 4th grade teachers are very aware of Dayne Willis and cannot wait for him to get to them.

Aubrie is very much like me. Very candid and matter~of~fact. Sh had to fill out an application to join the 4th grade science club...and tell a bit about herself and give reasons why she should be they only accept 30 kids. Well...when I read it...all she had written is...and I quote....
I like science. I like school. I am smart and I get good grades.

I asked her if this is all she was going to put in there...she replied..."yes...what else would I put in there? I have a DS and three brothers that annoy me?!"

I could not help it...I burst out laughing and said..."If you think that will get you into the science club...go for it!"

Well...she did. And guess what...she got chosen!!!!!!! I laughed. Only my daughter would do something like that and it work out for her!

Chance is in 5th grade and of course is following in Tamon's shadow. All of the 5th grade teachers loved Tamon, so Chance has a very good start to 5th grade. He, however, is a bit more of a clown. His teachers give him favor...and he is now juggling 3 after school activities along with his regular school work. He is maintaing fabulously. I think he has a bit more of me in him than he likes to admit!

Now for Tamon. My oldest child who has given me the most grief over the years...but not unrewarded. He is getting good grades, playing football and loving it, growing into a very polite young man, and I find out things about him that make me all the more proud to call him my son (as if I weren't already!)

Neysa Bates is Dayne's teacher...she LOVES Dayne, favors Dayne, dotes on Dayne, and calls him her prize student. Well...while I was picking up report cards, she decided to tell me that MY SON...Tamon was her first friend in New Caney. She proceded to tell me that when she first came to the school 3 years ago none of the teachers would talk to her, but Tamon did...every day. She was new to New Caney, and no one offered her friendship or even kind words except my 4th grade son. She told me that she will never forget that...and that she knew then that he had good parents...and wanted to tell me that all of my kids are a reflection of what a wonderful mother I am. I almost cried. I did not expect anything like that...and I will never forget that. Thank you Neysa. You made my day~week~month~year! are a few shots of the kids...

All of them pointing at an alligator in the water at Brazos bend

Aubrie and her best friend Ally licking their lips while eating cake at Skye's Birthday party...

Dayne and Skye huggin while playing inthe water hose. I love this shot!

Tamon...first day of 7th grade. He is so big. Too big for only being 12.

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