Friday, August 26, 2011


Yep...that's what I told him...He is gonna rule the school! LOL
I have a super confident 8 (almost 9 year old) who just started 3rd grade. 
He picked out all of his own school clothes, and requested that I take pics of him in all of his new outfits!
OMG!  This is a boy...and he WANTS me to take pictures??? 
Of COURSE I jumped at that chance! LOL.
So, here is a layout using Jillibean Soup and some Really Reasonable Ribbon...

Now, I only used a couple of the pics that I took, so I could play along with the Jillibean sketch challenge for August...
I actually took quite a few photos of this crazy kid!
He told me this morning,  "Mom...I bet I am the cutest kid in 3rd grade.  I mean...ALL the girls think I am."
Seriously??? He is only in 3rd grade!  Lord Help me!!!!! :) :) :)

Here is the Jillibean Sketch that I used:

...And it is about school starting because "Back to School" marks the end of Summer for millions of kids every year...and There is an "End of Summer" blog hop going on over at Really Reasonable Ribbon this weekend!  Head on over and play along!  There is a HUGE prize to be won!

Well, I am off to a "Back to School" parade at my little ones' elementary.
Remember how sad I was back in June when school ended 
and we were re-zoned to a new school?
Well, it seems I worried for nothing. 
We do miss the wonderful people at our old school, BUT, there are some FANTASTIC people at the new school as well. 
And, this parade thing...AWESOME! 
(I am as excited about it as the kids are!)
I will have pics to share from the first week of school soon. ;)
Till then, Have a FANTABULOUS weekend!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Keep It Clean!

The newest challenge is up on the Really Reasonable Ribbon blog.  
This time, the challenge is to keep it CLEAN!
Here is my creation for that challenge...

I made a "Clean" card to say hi...
and the bloom doubles as a hair clip!

Head on over to the Really Reasonable Ribbon to check out the details on how you can enter. 
It is super easy and FUN!

Hope of see some of you playing along!
Thanks for visiting me...and have a FANTABULOUS day!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to school already???

WOW.  It seems like the summer just started, and now they are getting ready to go back.  I have spent my last week preparing for the kids to go back on Monday.
They are all registered, schedules in hand, supplies in back packs, clothes washed and ready, and we have even met some of the teachers.  (I feel it is important to have a working relationship with the people I trust with my kiddos for 8 hours every day!)  

But am I ready?
Am I ready to send them back...all five of them to a NEW school.
All five gone ALL DAY LONG.
I realized today that I am not.
I have always had a "little one" at home even when the rest started school.  
I do not have that little one any more....she is in FIRST GRADE!!!!

I had to do something to "cheer me up" and get me ready for the pending school year.
What did I do???

And I really love what I did.
I started at the Imaginisce site and pulled this sketch for the August challenge....

I have just received my package filled with Imaginisce goodies, and I needed to play!
I know I am probably not eligible to win...but I like to play along anyway! :)
Hope you Imaginisce ladies don't mind! ;)

Here is a layout of my "Little One" and her love for all things ART.

"She's Crafty"
I used the BRAND NEW line from Imaginisce... 
LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors and embellies!!!!

I hand cut the little paper doll garland.  It is one of Skye's favorite things to create "snowflakes" and "paper dolls" on chains!

I used a large Kraft envelope and "filled" it with art supplies...
scissors die cut with a glam rock center, chipboard ruler, paper clip, and a broken pencil and broken crayon tips all fill her "art pouch".
***You can't even tell they are broken though, can you!!  Ha! LOVE ART!!! lol

I even hand cut the heart and the banner.  I wanted everything to be "authentic" art....ya know?

I had a LOT of fun doing this, and it truly was scrap "Therapy".  I did start feeling a little better about sending them all off for another year of school.  I mean...WHO AM I to deprive this girl of her insatiable love for ART!??  :)

So, tomorrow we will take care of last minute things, finish buying supplies and shoes, and in essence, finish DRAINING our bank account DRY! (AGH!)

Have you finished all of your school shopping?  
Good luck with it if you haven't!  

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me...
And have a FANTABULOUS weekend!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

It is Blog Hoppin' Time!

Welcome to the August Edition of the Really Reasonable Ribbon Blog hop!
If you arrived to me through Andrea's blog, then you are on the right track!  If not, you should go back to the beginning at the RRR Blog and start there.

This month's Ribbon Club Assortment is Magnificent!
This is a super fun mix of various shades of blue with a touch of white.
Doesn't this just make you want to take a "Day-cation" to the beach?
It made me want to make my "Bow of the Month!"

Hopefully, as you hop along to each blog, you will get a ton of inspiration
 and ideas on what to do with such a gorgeous assortment of ribbons! 
Here is the hop order for easy reference:
RRR Blog Hop Order

Now, would you like to see what this month's assortment inspired me to create? 
It is a Bow!!! 

LOLOL...but you knew that right????
Well, it is not just ANY bow...
What is the hottest  tiny and BLUE thing right now?
...yep, the SMURFS

I saw this assortment and just HAD to make a Smurfette bow for Skye to match her Smurf shirt. The various tones of blue were perfect for Smurfette!

And of course, Miss Skye absolutely ADORED it.  
she was more than willing to model it for us!

I just love Bonnie's Ribbon of the Month assortments! 
They are always filled with beautiful ribbons that create the most amazing projects!  
Thank you for stopping by today...
I hope I have given you a bit of inspiration to start your next ribbon project!
Your next stop on the hop is Connie!

Have a Fantabulous Weekend!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I know I have been MIA this last week.  There is a reason for it though.  My Aunt has been put on hospice and has merely weeks left to be with us.  We got the news and it really upset my Mom.  It is her oldest sister.  The last couple of years have been very hard on My Aunt.  She has lived her entire life with diabetes, and it is finally taking it's toll on her body.  She has had both legs amputated and was put on dialysis  a few months ago.  Even though we knew it was coming, it is never an easy thing to deal with.  Once reality set in, my Mom realized that she is losing another sister.  There were once 8 children in my Mom's, there are only 5...and after my Aunt passes, 4. 
I have never lost a sibling or a parent, my Mom has endured both kinds of pain.  All I can do is be there for her to lean on.  

I will be back soon with craftiness!  Today, though...this is all I have....
I did this layout when I guested at Nikki Sivils in April.  It is my Mom with her remaining family.    
I made the center flower, I hand stitched the black diamonds in the paper pattern, and I put my handy dandy edge punches to work.  I Also chose a quote by Michael J Fox....
"Family is not an important is EVERYTHING." 

I did frame this and give it to my Mom, which she has taken up to the nursing home that my Aunt and Grandmother are in and shared it with everyone.  
 My Aunt is the one on the right in the wheel chair...My Mom is the tiny one in the back. :)  

Thanks for stopping by today everyone.  
Hope you are having a wonderful week!